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Roger Macbride Allen Ambush at Corellia (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, Book 1) 2
Kevin Anderson Champions of the Force (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 3) 2
Kevin Anderson Dark Apprentice (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 2) 1
Piers Anthony Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn (Xanth) 2
Piers Anthony Golem in the Gears (The Magic of Xanth, Book 9) 1
Piers Anthony Night Mare 1
Piers Anthony Virtual Mode (Mode (Paperback)) 8
Ann Brashares The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 4
Terry Brooks The Druid of Shannara (Heritage of Shannara (Paperback)) 7
Terry Brooks The Elfstones of Shannara (Sword of Shannara) 4
Terry Brooks The Scions of Shannara (Heritage of Shannara) 8
Terry Brooks The Sword of Shannara 2
Terry Brooks The Wishsong of Shannara 4
Mary Higgins Clark A Cry In The Night 34
Stephen Coonts The Red Horseman 3
Catherine Coulter Lord of Falcon Ridge 7
Catherine Coulter Lord of Hawkfell Island 10
Catherine Coulter Lord of Raven's Peak 12
Clive Cussler Atlantis Found (A Dirk Pitt Novel) 10
Clive Cussler Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt Adventures (Paperback)) 5
John Darnton Neanderthal 3
Barbara Delinsky Three Wishes 4
David Eddings The Ruby Knight (Book Two of the Elenium) 1
Julie Garwood Gentle Warrior (Tapestry Romance) 1
Julie Garwood Rebellious Desire 8
Kathleen O'Neal Gear People of the Earth (The First North Americans series, Book 3) 4
Brian Jacques Salamandastron (Redwall (Ace Paperback)) 1
James Kahn Star Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1
Joseph Kanon The Good German 2
Stephen King From a Buick 8 9
Dean Koontz Lightning 5
Michael P. Kube-Mcdowell Before the Storm (Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis, Book 1) 3
Tim F. LaHaye Assassins: Assignment: Jerusalem, Target: Antichrist (Left Behind #6) 1
Tim F. LaHaye The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession (Left Behind #7) 9
Anne McCaffrey Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern 1
Stephenie Meyer Twilight (Twilight, Book 1) 38
James Patterson See How They Run 4
Anne Rice Servant of the Bones 1
Anne Rice Taltos 2
Anne Rice Violin 4
Nora Roberts From the Heart: Tonight and Always/A Matter of Choice/Endings and Beginnings 7
Sidney Sheldon Tell Me Your Dreams 15
LaVyrle Spencer The Fulfillment 8
Plum Sykes BERGDORF BLONDES - Mass Market 10
J. R. R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings, the - Part One (The Lord of the Rings) 1
J.R.R. Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1) 1
J.R.R. Tolkien The Hobbit: The Enchanting Prelude to The Lord of the Rings 1
J.R.R. Tolkien The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, Part 2) 1
Inc. TSR LEGEND OF HUMA (Dragonlance: Heroes) 2
Kathy Tyers The Truce at Bakura (Star Wars) 3


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