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Jahnna Beecham Guide to Baby-Sitting (Baby-Sitters Club) 2
Eth Clifford Scared Silly 3
Daniel Cohen Conspiracy (Alien Files) 1
Carol Ellis The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps Presents TV Episode #2) 1
Susan Fletcher The Anti-Baby-Sitter Plot 1
Vicki Grove Good-Bye My Wishing Star 1
Virginia Hamilton The Mystery of Drear House: The Conclusion of the Dies Drear Chronicle (Apple Signature) 1
Joyce Hansen The Captive (Apple Paperbacks) 1
Patricia Hermes Someone to Count on 1
Annabel Johnson I Am Leaper 1
Jan Lawrence The Revenge of the Substitute Teacher 1
Jahnna N. Malcolm Scared Stiff 2
Stephen Manes Chocolate Covered Ants 1
Dean Marney Dirty Socks Don't Win Games 1
Dean Marney The Turkey That Ate My Father 1
Ann M. Martin Boy-Crazy Stacey (Baby-Sitters Club, 8) 2
Ann M. Martin BSC in the USA (The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special, #14) 1
Ann M. Martin Claudia and the New Girl (Baby-Sitters Club, 12) 1
Ann M. Martin Dawn and the Surfer Ghost (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery) 1
Ann M. Martin Kristy and the Missing Child (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery, 4) 1
Ann M. Martin Kristy and the Snobs (Baby-Sitters Club, 11) 1
Ann M. Martin Kristy's Big Day (Baby-Sitters Club, 6) 1
Ann M. Martin Stacey and the Mystery Money (Baby-Sitters Club Mystery) 1
Ann M. Martin Stacey's Ex-Best Friend (Baby-Sitters Club, 51) 1
Ann M. Martin The Baby-Sitters Remember Super Special #11 1
Ann M. Martin The Ghost at Dawn's House (Baby-Sitters Club, 9) 2
Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna Too Many Murphys (Apple Paperbacks) (An Apple Paperback) 1
L. M. Montgomery Anne of the Island (Apple Classics) 1
Carrie Randall The Party (Dear Diary, No 1) 3
Dian Curtis Regan The Mystery of One Wish Pond (Ghost Twins, No 2) 1
Nancy K. Robinson Mom, You're Fired! 1
Nancy K. Robinson Wendy and the Bullies 1
Jeannette Sanderson Dog to the Rescue: Seventeen True Tales of Dog Heroism 1
Susan Saunders Kate's Crush (Sleepover Friends, No 16) 2
Anna Sewell Black Beauty (Apple Classics) 1
Megan Stine The Girl Who Cried Monster (Goosebumps Presents TV Episode #1) 1
R. L. Stine The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 21) 1
R. L. Stine Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 12) 1
Todd Strasser Help! I'm Trapped in My Lunch Lady's Body (Help! I'm Trapped) 1
Todd Strasser Help! I'm Trapped in My Sister's Body (Help! I'm Trapped (Paperback)) 1
Todd Strasser Help! I'm Trapped in the First Day of School 1
Todd Strasser Help!: I'm Trapped in My Gym Teacher's Body 2
Martha Tolles Who's Reading Darci's Diary? 2
Cynthia Voigt Bad Girls (Bad Girls) 3
Nicholas Walker Ice Dancing 2
John Wells Fire on the Ridge 1
Betty Ren Wright The Ghosts of Mercy Manor 1
Betty Ren Wright The Scariest Night 1
Jane Yolen Wizard's Hall 1


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