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Books returned - a conundrum

Hi Moochers,

I'm just wondering what the community response is for this situation:

A moocher requested three books and I mailed them. The post office kept the parcel for the moocher to pick up but didn't notify her that the package was waiting. After 21 days, they returned it to me.

Now we're stuck: I've paid to mail them once, she doesn't have them, and I have her points. The way I see it, there are four solutions:

1. I pay to mail them again (Down side: I lose the cost of a second mailing).
3. She or I cancel the mooch (Down side: I'm out the first mailing cost, she doesn't get the books.)
3. She smooches me one, two, or three more points for my trouble (Down side: she's out those points and, if it's less than three points, I'm out the money.)
4. I mail them again and she marks them "lost." Then she smooches me the points she just got back. I would end up with the points for mailing them twice, she ends up with the books. (Down side: we undermine, in our own little way, the economy of Bookmooch by gaming the system, we each add 3 "Lost" books to our accounts.)


3 years ago


If it is a postal mistake...the mailer should take the package back to the post office and have them resend it at no charge. The package would show the dates that the recipient was notified. So if no dates are on it then possibly she wasn't notified properly.
But, if there are dates of notification then the responsibility falls on the recipient, in that they failed to pick it up in a timely manner. The post office holds packages 10 days for street addresses. Media mail is similar to space available mail. No rush. That is way it can take awhile.
2 years ago

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