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Forum: Unfamiliar Words in the Books You Read

Unfamiliar words from After the Fall by Robert Sheckley (1980)

I used to post unfamiliar words from my books on the old forum. I might as well continue the practice. :-) I only list the definition I think was meant in the book.

Robert Sheckle : After the Fall (1980) is an anthology of upbeat stories about the end of the world. I only liked two of the fifteen stories: "A Very Good Year" by Roger Zelazny and "The Kingdom of O'Ryan" by Bob Shaw.

dysphoria: an emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression, and restlessness

fatuity: smug stupidity; utter foolishness

houri: a voluptuous alluring woman

mantilla: a lightweight lace or silk scarf worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb, by women in Spain and Latin America

thermion: an electrically charged particle, especially an electron, emitted by a conducting material at high temperatures


About to start: Geoff Ryman : Air: Or, Have Not Have

Jon Maloney
5 years ago


Ha! Got 'em all except thermion (which I will promptly forget).
5 years ago
Hey Jon,
Glad to see you are continuing to contribute to my "Gmail Vocabulary Search" project. :)
I think you're really going to enjoy "Air".


5 years ago
Mark S? I didn't know your id was Psybre. When I posted to you earlier I didn't know I was talking to you!

I'm glad you're still enjoying the word lists. Drought! by Ralph Hayes yielded no words.

Margot, You know a lot of words. I hate to think of my lists as tests though. I'm just sharing them in hopes other people might find them interesting.


Jon Maloney
5 years ago
Tests have never bothered me. I figure I know the answers or I don't. At test time, there's not much you can do about it. How about if I think of the lists as a game?
5 years ago
You're welcome to think about them anyway you like, Margot. Tests or games are both fine. If people enjoy the lists, that's good, regardless of perspective.


Jon Maloney
5 years ago
I love words -- and I also love tests! Taking them, at least -- don't think I would like making them. I knew all the words, and look forward to seeing the next list!
5 years ago
...& then what about when you use an obscure word at work like I tend to do & colleagues don't know what I'm talking about.
Ha! I just tell them to read more, they might learn something!
5 years ago
Elisabeth, I'm glad you enjoy the lists. Thanks for commenting. - Jon
Jon Maloney
5 years ago
Super idea Jon, the book has become more alluring by virtue of discovering the words within it, rather than the title/author. Hurry up and read the next book ;0)
Jo Harpley
4 years ago
Those are all new words to me. I read a lot but not diverse or "heavy" enough for those words.

I like the idea and the list.

4 years ago
Margot, I hope you were joking about the Ha!

Like you I knew dysphoria, fatuity, houri, and mantilla but it was due to reading for my degree and then reading for pleasure.

Glad to learn a new word and the definition i.e. thermion: an electrically charged particle, especially an electron, emitted by a conducting material at high temperatures.

You never know when you can use a word to knock down a fatuous statement by an individual, who appears to be arrogant, do you?

Thank you Jon for giving me hope that others than me may admit their ignorance, not stupidity, and learn to find the meanings of the words they are reading.



P.S. I am grammatically challenged so I hope you understood the gist of my post.

4 years ago
The "Ha!" was for me: the best I've done on one of Jon's lists.
4 years ago

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