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House of Night!

I wanted to see if this worked..
This is the 8th book in the series. When I saw this on tv I nearly peed my pants 'cause I thought they were making a tv series..but no it's a new book.
Maybe we should include 'House of night' series into our club since we've been talking about it so much.
I'm on book 4 but the first book is still fresh in my mind.
And how was everyone's weekend?

4 years ago


Awww Yeah I finished Hunger Games already! Awesome!! (No spoilers!) Our Library down here is awesome it's like 3 stories looks like Mall of America! I nearly pooped myself when I saw all the books lol. But they have this online thing where I can order books thru the catalog and they call me when they are ready :) I can't keep buying books...and I want to finish the series and don't wanna read any of my 300 TBR library it is! I'm going to pick up the last two books of Hunger Games, Vampire Academy (#1) and Succubus(#1) series (Thanks to Lindsay), House of Night (#4-#8) andddd Extras (uglies series)
So I'm pretty much in love with all the picks we've had so far.

Aw,Crap I didn't read Dracula!

OOO I'm reading Flora Segunda by Ysabeau S. Wilce. About a little witch that lives in a house with 11,000 magical rooms. It's so much fun! Someone already mooched it--I was going to pass it on to Lindsay or one of you guys cuz it's fab! Def something we would all like. I don't think there will be anymore after this book.

Yeah I've heard of your book...I think it's on my wishlist I dunno...Tell me how it is.
Anyway ya'll have the bestest week! *hugs* my virtual sistas!

4 years ago
I LOVED the Hunger Games series!! I read all three books in a row...which is not common for me at all!

As for the House of Night series, I have considered adding the first book to our bookclub. Myself, I would like a re-read of Marked...I probably would continue on and read the series straight through again only with the addition of the newest novel!

I have a strong feeling we will be having a snow day here in Lexington tomorrow, so I was planning on doing a little research into books we can/should/need to read! :)

Lindsay Adams
4 years ago
I want to read the House of Night series. We've had a snow/ice day yesterday and today. We can't get out of our driveway and most of the roads (and businesses) are closed here so we've had plenty of time to research and read.
4 years ago
WELL it's 90 somthing degrees outside and I'm a little jealous! :( wahhh I want a snow day!
LOL Heather I crack up at your comments! We are bad influences! ;)
4 years ago
Ah...90 degree temps...I miss those!!! I lived in Texas (graduated a Longhorn!!) and remember the days of warm (no snow!) temperatures!!!!
Lindsay Adams
4 years ago
Heather, yea Manda has read The Giver and Gathering Blue, but I've never read either. I'm want to read them. We just mooched The Giver and it's on its way so we'll be reading that one soon...well between school books and the books for the group :)
4 years ago

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