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Let's Get Discussing City of Bones!!! :)

Hey ladies!

Sooo...what did you think??? Instead of listing in-depth questions to answer I thought we'd just start off simple (especially since it's a holiday weekend!)- did you like or dislike the book? Favorite characters? Least favorite? Any surprises?? Are you going to keep reading the series??

Let's get talking! :)


Lindsay Adams
4 years ago


If you haven't read the book yet, delete this email SPOILERS BELOW!!!!

Ok, I'll start first then! :)

At first, well with in the first 90 pages, I thought for sure I was going to hate this book. It literally took me a week to get through Part 1! I couldn't see a plot forming, I was getting ticked off at the main character, Clary, and sometimes even Isabelle and Jace. And especially Alec!

But then I got to Part 2, and needless to say...I loved this book! Suddenly we had a plot with Clary's mom disappearing, the lock on Clary's mind, the love triangle relationhip, freaky Dorthea and so on.

For me, from Part 2 till the end- it read like a more grown up Harry Potter novel. I can't lump this book in with the Twilight series and it wasn't exactly like the House of Night series- so I think HP is a good fit! You have different families throughout the book, different species of characters, the Institute- which seemed like Hogwart's to me, and although Hodge was clearly no Dumbledore- he did show affection, although still misguided man, for his students. Although, I do have to wonder- did Hodge never think to question why Valentine (also could be known as "He Who Must Not Be Named" ) wanted Jace so badly??? Clearly he must have known that V had a son??

A few things did bother me with this book though- did Clary or even Jace never think to question who her father was once they visited Mangus? Also, the sexual nature of the book made me think not every parent would be happy with their child reading this book (that's just the teacher/future parent coming out in me!). And when Mangus warned Clary about the Shadowhunters, did Clary not think to follow up about that? There were several things mentioned throughout the book that were not developed it seemed to me, but perhaps they will be as we continue on with the series- I know I can't wait to read the second book now, I want Clary's mom to wake up!!!

On a side note- didn't you love Simon?? Especially when Simon turned into the mouse??!?!? I thought that part was so funny!

Well this should get us rolling, let me know what you guys thought!!!! :)

Lindsay Adams
4 years ago
OK I'm a little late on the City of Bones discussion but I loved it and wanted to add my thoughts to it. Please DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT.. ***Spoiler alert***

Most books don't scare me but a few scenes in this book did! Like the hotel scene when they realized they weren't alone in the hotel. Game me chills! And yes I do root for the werwolves too! (side note I think jacob is the hottest)
The part where the forsaken was first seen scared the crap outta me!! OMG like a dead zombie just walking around all mad.
I'm going to pick up the next two books at the library. I read these books so fast it's dumb to buy them. Great choice you guys!!
I was so skeptical when I joined the club 'cause I haven't read YA in a while...and thought it wasn't really my thing but all these choices were perfect.I'm really enjoying YA books.

4 years ago
If you guys want another sexy, loveable werewolf....check out Nick in the Need series! Total hottie! :)
Lindsay Adams
4 years ago
I was going to suggest the group read Need :)
4 years ago
**Spoiler** City Of Bones

WOW I thought the same about it being a little like a grown up Harry Potter. I remember making a mental note about telling you guys! Valentine=Voldemort lol

4 years ago

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