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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am studing as an early childhood education major. I want to teach third grade, but will gladly take any grade I can get when the time comes. My roommate is also an education major, who hopes to teach kindergarten. And I have a five year old. We are looking to build our library of children's books and even some "how to teach" books. Let me know if you have a selection of either of these, especially children's books! Thanks!


4 years ago


I'm a teacher--first grade this year. Any books you're looking for in particular? I don't have much on my inventory list but I do have books. JUst don't have time to list much. Let me know
4 years ago
You posted this a while ago so I'm not sure if you are still looking or still checking this post, but I do have some books listed that you might be interested in. I homeschool my kids and we have a pretty large home library that I am always "weeding" so mine might be an inventory you want to keep an eye on.
4 years ago

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