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Advise Welcomed

I have taught Kindergarten for nine years...alas, I was told on the last day of school that I will be teaching Third grade this year. The teacher who taught third moved up to fourth and is taking her materials with her. My classroom only has textbooks. No library books, no hands-on materials, not even math flash cards, etc. I spent almost $100 today and got only a few resource books mostly on multiplication and grammar. Hubby found some Magic Treehouse books at a second hand store for me.

I don't even know what books third graders are interested in reading. What if they are below reading level? Above reading level? Many are ELL students.

I have a lot of points, but don't even know where/what to search for. My school is a Title I school, but the budget is spent and the principal said no money is availble until late September which means by the time the PO is approved will be late October at the earliest. Teachers return July 26th and students return August 1st. I am trying to work on lesson plans. I have five students on IEP's, which I thought meant they receive funds from special services, but was told that was incorrect.

Are there any public/private/ or homeschoolers out there who could please guide this 50 year old teacher who loved teaching Kindergarten into a whole new field? I was told to concentrate on math and reading....for the testing. Jeez....I want to teach, not test.

Any suggestions for:
resource books for myself
books for the children's library

thank you in advance!

2 years ago


My son was in the third grade last year and he loved the Goosebumps books. There are a ton of them and should be easy to find. I have a few books that I just listed and will look at home for more that my daughter read at that age- She loved the Judy Moody books and the Katie Kazoo books. I hope you get all you need! My mom's a teacher and has to replace books all the time and it gets expensive! Good luck! Julie
2 years ago
Goosebumps books I have heard of and will try to mooch some. The Katie Kazoo books I am unfamilar with, and really appreciate the advise! Yesterday spent yet another $137 on paper, pencils, glue, rulers, scissors, and copy paper. School starts August 1st. Hubby just asked me in the car where all my pretty posters were for the classroom. I looked at him and sweetly smiled and said..."Honey, there won't be any this year, those were the posters for Kindergarten. We are buying basics to start class." He knows my "look" and not to bother me when I already about to cry over this new year, LOL.

Thank you, everyone, who is helping me with books for a library for my students! I am just glad I had points to trade and am grateful to one teacher who sent extras for my new library.

2 years ago
I just thought of a way you could get those books for your classroom! If you go to and make an account as an educator, you can make a wishlist of items that members can donate to you. I donate on there often, I bet others do too. Hope this helps!
2 years ago

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