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Bazaar of the Bizarre

Bazaar of the Bizarre
Independence Day: July 4, 2010
Hawley, PA: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Meet sojourners from various points in time, space and alternate realities.

Resolve cosmic conflicts with representatives from Mount Olympus.

Purchase items that serve as portals to other dimensions.

Dress up in the garb of your favorite novel, comic book, TV show, movie or historical period (real or imagined) and come join the fun!

Help support local literacy programs in Wayne & Pike Counties in PA.

Hercules Invictus
4 years ago


Bazaar of the Bizarre is our latest Role-Assumption (not RPG/LARP) event that we've dedicated towards Literacy Fundraising in our community. The first was our eXtreme Spelling Bee in March 2010.
Hercules Invictus
4 years ago
Independence Day in Hawley, PA was not as busy as we'd hoped but we managed to generate some interest in local literacy and strengthen our relationship with our literacy partners. We'll probably be repeating the Bazaar of the Bizarre this in October at the Hawley Hoe Down.
Hercules Invictus
4 years ago

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