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City of Lingering Splendour

I find reading other people's suggestions on this site really helpful, so I thought I would do my bit and try to balance the favours somewhat. I've made a list below of some of the most enjoyable books I've come across in my life. These aren't "My Top" books,... because many of my absolute favourites are so well known that virtually everyone will have read them, (such as Gerald Durrell's "My Family and Other Animals").

Rather, here I've only added ones that I think a good number of people might not have come across yet. The order I put them in is completely random :

(1) City of Lingering Splendour, John Blofeld

(2) Crow Lake Mary Lawson

!3) Seal Morning Rowena Farre

(4) Swimming With my Father Tim Jeal

(5) The Deptford Trilogy Robertson Davies

(6) Extra Virgin Annie Hawes

(7) City of Djinns William Dalrymple

(8) The Purple Barrier: The Story of the Great Wall of China Peter Lum


4 years ago


Thank you, Sombrio for adding the Bookmooch links to each of these books. It makes it easier to add to our wishlists. Shirlee
4 years ago

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