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postage rates in France

I have just sent a book (weigh 255 grams) to Finland for 5,60 euros, and another to Ireland (also a light-weight paperback) for 6,80 euros. The postage is getting to be higher than the cost of the book itself if it was bought from a second-hand bookstore. Also I'm getting a bit sore after checking my status: I have sent 20 books and received ONE. Seems like a one-way street.

brigitte de Guillebon
3 years ago


I'm sure you must know about Tarif Livre by now?
3 years ago
well, no I don't, and what is more important, most post office employees don't either. There used to be, a long time ago, a tarif livre et imprim├ęs, but when I ask at the guichet they all tell me it has been done away with and I must pay the full price.
Thank you for your attention.
brigitte de Guillebon
3 years ago
I send all mine out of France that way, a small book goes for 87c. A little more to the States. I know some of the PO don't seem to know what they're doing. I refused to take no for an answer and asked for the supervisor, it took me months of complaining. Jacquie is the one you should get in touch with she seems to know how to get it done, I don't speak much French but she does. You'll find her on lots of the forums. Let me know how you get on.
3 years ago
Thanks a lot; I'm French, and I should no that in this country you have to bang on the table to
ensure proper service and attention. Every time (and I sent out 20 books from different post offices!) it was the same story: NO there is no special rate for books or printed matter. And it never amounted to less than 5 euros, which, over time makes quite a lot of money. What I find most infuriating is the fact that I never seem to get the books on my wish list: either somebody is quicker than me and grabls the one I want, or nobody wants the mooch the books I'm after. I have a feeling that I've been "had". Thanks again for your answer.
brigitte de Guillebon
3 years ago
The US postal service now uses the term "media" mail for a reduced rate when sending books. The old term "book" or "Printed material" is no longer used. So enters
the age of technology!1
Miss Kitty
2 years ago
I'm from Barbados. Our rates can be seen at and are in Barbados dollars ($2 Barbadian dollars = $1US). So each book to the US costs me about US$6 to send and about $US12.50 to the UK. I keep asking the Post Office whether there are any better rates for books but so far nothing. Fortunately, quite a few people send to me internationally which encourages me to continue sending internationally.
1 year ago

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