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Postage Charges from France

I read an article today on the website advising that
La Poste is to end the second class international delivery of small packages on 1st July 2011...
It reads:
"It is a service that is not widely known about by La Poste customers, and the low level of usage is being used as main justification for getting rid of it.

The service, called ‘économique internationale’, is up to 40% cheaper than the first class ‘prioritaire internationale’ service.

Using this service it is possible to send a 1kg package anywhere in the EU for €5.65. The cost of the first class prioritaire service is €8.75."
Here is a link to the full article:

This is very worrying for people like me living in France and must necessarily affect the quantity of books I will be able to send abroad.
However, there is little anyone can do about it sadly!

Sue Woolf
3 years ago


I wonder what will happen to the "Livres & brochures" rate that some of us were using for part of our books.

Will it be squashed under the pretense that the main economy international mail rate along which it was presumably processed has been dismantled, and that it saw marginal use anyway (you bet it could be marginal, with the non-existent publicity it was given, and often having to make the personnel aware of its very existence yourself...) ?

Will it be chucked in with the priority mail ? If it's so marginal the little extra cost shouldn't be that high... I'm wondering.

3 years ago
La Poste international website is currently malfunctioning, however there has been discussion on a French forum that Tarif Livres et Brochures has been withdrawn (or certainly refused at some POs).
I will post if I get any updated info
3 years ago
Good news! La poste website is back working and the Livres et Brochures tariff is still listed - prices also (to date) remain the same - info here

3 years ago
Just posted a book using Tarif Livre - the only difference at the post office was they stuck an "economique" sticker on it.

It arrived in the UK 2 days later!

3 years ago
@Edward You might want to check out the prepaid
envelopes the swedish post has.
They have very often turned out cheaper for me
when sending books. Since the weight limit is 2kg,
the price depends on which envelope you are able to
fit it in. See p. 10 of:
Richard L
3 years ago
The Tarif livres et brochures is still entirely active, but is carefully hidden on the La Poste website because the fees are so cheap ! Here is the link
The prices are very good. See the discussion elsewhere on this forum on this subject, and have a look at this really good website on the subject :
Hope this helps !
2 years ago
Hi, I note though that your link takes you to the La Poste website headed up "Enterprise", so maybe it is only appiicable for businesses sending out books etc. as opposed to a "particulier", i.e. individual which is a separate tab on this weblink page? Dont know....
Sue Woolf
2 years ago

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