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Angel mooch - how long to wait?


I asked via these forums if there was someone in the US who could angel mooch me a book. That was over three months ago. The book has been sitting in their inventory for just under three months... I've mooched it and then heard nothing. I sent a reminder - nothing. It's coming up on three months and I was going to cancel it since I'm low on points and would love some other books from the US but then I read in another forum that you shouldn't cancel angel mooches. I'm not sure what to do. Do you think there is a chance I could still get the book?

Any help much appreciated!

2 years ago


The angel has a successful history of sending angel books. It looks like she has not been on the site for over a month. I am wondering if something else is going on in her life. I would try emailing her (not with the remind button, but with a more personal subject line), and ask if she will still be able to angel the book for you. Then if you get no response, I would assume that something has come up that makes her unable to participate at this time and cancel the mooch. Put as the reason that she "did not respond" and her account will be vacationed. Put in the feedback that there has been no response for months and that you are looking for the book elsewhere. In the message to her, say that if she is able to participate again that you are still interested in the book and will be happy to remooch it. Be sure to put the book back on your wishlist. I have had only a couple of unhappy angel transactions in my years on Bookmooch. Most angels are prompt and responsible.
2 years ago
Thank you for your reply, Cara, and all your helpful tips. I'm off to do as you suggested!
2 years ago

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