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Forum: Newbie Bookmoocher Thread

Dealing with inactive and on vacation members

I ordered nine books from six different members on 06/08/2012 and books have not been mailed out. Now that I look at the various members profiles some are on vacation and some have left messages stating they can not ship books out "for awhile". Why is it I can still mooch from them? I just spent 45 minutes emailing all these members asking for an update and letting them know I will cancel the request by 07/08 if they do not reply to my email.

Can anyone give me advice for future mooching, this is becoming a real dtag,...why does BM have a policy about short term and long term inactivity???
Thanks for reading message
Deb A

2 years ago


I now always look at people's feedback history before I mooch from them, you can see how dependable they've been that way, how polite, etc. I also have a personal policy of waiting 7 days after mooching, and if they have not responded I will then cancel using the way Stephanie described above. If I really really want the book I will email them asking about the mooch request before I cancel. There is a problem with some people's spam filters intercept the mooch request and people never even know you mooched from them, so they might not be ignoring you they may have never gotten the request! I check my spam folder regularly for this reason. But I always check feedback....
Melanie C.
2 years ago

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