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yet again cannot add a book to wishlist!!

Hi, me again. Having problems adding a book to my bookmooch wishlist.
I'm trying to add Christmas is just for the kids by Peter James, have tried clicking on Author, book title, and 2 different isbn. no's
780230764385, and 82063446, but bookmooch refuses to recognise this book. Added it to readitswapit no problem as usual, but can't add it to bookmooch. Any advice please, thanks, Rose.

2 years ago


My workaround for this problem is that when BM doesn't find the ISBN, I click on the Amazon link and find the book that way and then add it to my wishlist.
2 years ago
The only edition that seems to be available is a Kindle (ebook) edition. Which you can't trade through Bookmooch.
2 years ago

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