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Sent books came back

Two books I sent out in March have been returned to my home adress now. I am not sure what the problem was. I tried to contact the moocher but also the e-mail was returned as failed delivery. I payed quite a lot for the postage fee so I am not very willing to sent the books once again to the same adress.
Can I report my own books as "lost" and then add them again to my inventory so that someone else can mooch them?

3 years ago


You are under no obligation to resend the books until the moocher contacts you to explain what happened. Once you have heard from them, you can make a decision about how to handle it. Usually if it is the fault of the moocher, then you should get two new points for sending the two books again, since you are out the postage.

One thing I wanted to mention: you should be (and maybe you are) using MEDIA MAIL to send things within the US. There is no comparison on the costs. (I just got 23 paperbacks and it cost the sender less than $5 for the box.) If you're not, then check out the newbie forum's old messages, and you may find more information about Media Mail there.

Good luck, hope the next transaction is better for you!


3 years ago
hmm, my response disappeared. Oh well, I'll try again. Your choices are to mark the books "lost", force mark the books received or mail them again. The first thing I would do is try to email the moocher outside of Bookmooch (using the email from the original mooch request email). Some ISP do not accept Bookmooch emails. Since you are not in the US, your postage is probably too high to consider simply reposting without some more points. I would also suggest double checking the address from the original email or from your pending page (click "show details").
3 years ago

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