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Disgusting Reeking Stinky Book arrived- What to do?

I mooched and received a book that was noted as being in "Good Condition". When it arrived it seems to have been rolled in some sticky substance and has all kinds of smears on the cover. This does NOT effect the pages, but it's definitely gross. But that's not even what I am considering the problem to be though... The book REEKS of cigarette smoke. As in, you can't even pick it up and flip the cover open because it just makes you gag. I showed it to my cousin, a smoker, and he said he definitely thinks that it reeks, even as a person who smokes, as if it was in itself used as an ashtray or something. I had to leave it outside on the back porch because it was making my kitchen smell. I've never had an experience like this on Bookmooch and I'm not sure what to do- and just in case anyone reading this thinks that I'm a total stickler or a neat freak... I assure you that I'm absolutely NOT! This book just literally smells THAT bad, like mega-ultra-cigarettes and maybe, I don't know, cat pee? What do I do??

3 years ago


Double check that there was no mention of the sender being a smoker or exposing books to smoke in the status message or bio. If there is, I would leave feedback indicating the book was sent in a timely fashion and well packaged (if true) but smells strongly of smoke and has sticky residue on the cover and leave a 0 feedback. If there is no such information on the bio or status I would live similar comments and -1 feedback. You can, if you choose, before you leave feedback email the sender and let them know and give them the opportunity to make things right by sending you a point. That can, however, lead to the exchange of hostilities so word things carefully. That happened to me once or twice. If it is a book you just want to read, stick it in a plastic bag with some baking soda or a one of those scented dryer sheets. You can use Goop off for the sticky residue, or rubbing alcohol.
3 years ago
Also, I have found that sometimes it's not the senders fault. Either some mail carrier along the way was smoking heavily, or the book sat in the envelope making the smell really concentrated, but once I pulled it out of the envelope and let it air out, it diminished a lot.

That's why I'd email the sender before reducing the feedback.

3 years ago

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