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Reserving a book for a friend

Extreme Newbie question..

Hi all, Is there a way to post a book and reserve it for a friend- not sure how to do that or if that's possible.

3 years ago


if you list the book as normal a blue 'reserve' button will appear along with many others (on the right of the page i think). click on that, then on the next page type in your friends user id - your friends user name should appear so click on it and if necessary change the length of the reservation. if several members appear from different countries select the correct one. user id's are unique, user names aren't. the id can be found on the members home page.

if the book is already listed select the book from your inventory and the process is the same, the location of the blue button is just to the right of the books details though.

3 years ago
Click on the book from your inventory and there should be a button that says "Reserve". You can then enter their user name and click the "Reserve this book" button. Then it will ask you how long you want the reservation to last. You should also tell the person that you have reserved the book for them because there is no way for them to see and I am not sure if they get a message from the system or not.
3 years ago

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