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Forum: Newbie Bookmoocher Thread

Boxed Sets

Is there a way to list a boxed set of books? I don't really want to list each book separately, because I don't want to split up the set if someone just wants to Mooch one volume. I am hoping there is a way to list the entire set, and make the entire set available to one Moocher, but it would have to involve more points than if it were one book...

Darth Heather
3 years ago


No, I'm afraid not. All you can do is post the books and put in the condition notes that you ask that all the books be mooched. However, you can put a notice in the Inventory plugs explaining what the books are and where you are willing to mail them and see if someone is interested. Then you can post all the books and reserve them for that person.
3 years ago

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