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Forum: Newbie Bookmoocher Thread

international points

Hi -- newbie here in Japan! Love this concept, I have lots of books to send eventually and want to mooch... but I am confused a bit.

In the Points Explained blurb, it says:
>You use up points when:
>Mooching Books: each book you receive costs you 1 point, 2 points if it was postal mailed from another country.

BUT further down, it says
>Mooch a book (from another country) -3 (points)

Which is it? Seems like the only way to get books I want is to mooch from overseas...

3 years ago


It is 3 points for an international mooch. The confusion is because it used to be 2 points to mooch from another country but you received 3 points when you sent a book to another country. John, the man in charge of bookmooch decided to even it up, but there is some information on the site that hasn't been updated.
3 years ago
Thanks. This site could be addicting!
3 years ago

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