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Glamour magazine

Offering recent Glamour magazines (September 2011 and August 2011).

September 2011 - Rihanna on cover

Contents: Men Tell All; Could You Be Making More $$$?; 8 Foods That Keep You Full (And Thin); The Secret Celeb Butt Workout; Free! Get the Most Popular Beauty Products in America; Rihanna "I Need to Open Up" (And She Does!); 500 Fab Fall Outfits! How to Flatter Your Shape + Crazy-Good Finds Under $50.

August 2011 - Heidi Klum on cover

Contents: The Jeans That Make You Look Instantly Slimmer; Guys Reveal 'The Sex I'll Never Forget'; Huge Designer Denim Giveaway; Heidi - The Real Deal On That Body And All Her 'Project Runway' Secrets; 10 Great New Ways To Wear Your Hair Now; I Was A Sex Prisoner In His House For 12 Years.

These magazines are heavy and may be mooched 1-magazine-for-1-point (like a book). Click to see my Inventory: RMB

3 years ago

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