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Magazines Available: Archaeology, Nat. Geo, Fine Arts, and more!

I've got a ton of magazines I'd like to send on to a new reader. I've listed the titles, issues and headlines from each one below.

1 magazine - 1 point
2-3 - 2 points
4-6 - 3 points

If you want more than that, just let me know and we can work out a deal :)

The magazines available include...

- Spring 2011: New Discoveries Near Cahokia / The Role of Rock Art / Seeing hte Best of the Southwest / Underwater Archaeology

- Mar/Apr 2010: Cloning Neanderthals / Tut: Boy King or Warrior? / The Last Undeciphered Ancient Script / How Women Saved the Prehistoric Southwest / New Discoveries in Jesus' Hometown
- Jan/Feb 2012: Top 10 Discoveries of 2011 / Life in the Persian Empire / Rome's Great Sea Victory / Prehistoric Brews, Space Archaeology, Egyptian Hair Gel
- Mar/Apr 2012: The Source of Rome's Lost Aqueduct/ Return to the Trail of Tears / Coronado's Deadly Siege

ASIAN (Magazine of Asian Art Museum SF)
- Spring 2012: Maharaja: India's Royal Courts / Phantoms of Asia / Sanjay and the Maharajas / Rhinoceros Horn Artworks

- Sept./Oct. 2011: Secrets from the Dead Sea Scroll Caves / New Discoveries of Ancient Churches / The Pool of Bethesda: Reservoir or Mikveh? / Stone Oil Lamp Flames Controversy
- Jan/Feb 2012: Dig the Adventure (Field School Issue) / Inn of Good Samaritan Becomes Museum / Western Wall Plaza Excavation / New Hieroglyphic Israel Inscription

- Fall 2008: Gangsta Rap and the Heroic Ideal / Adler, Hutchins and the Great Books Experiment / Queen Elizabeth on Page and Stage / The New Literacy's Empty Promise

- Spring/Summer 2010: Birth of Impressionism
- Fall 2010: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Beyond / Japonesque
- Spring/Summer 2011: Balenciaga and Spain / Picasso:Masterpieces from the Musee National / Dutch and Flemish Masterworks
- Fall 2011: Piacasso / Masters of Venice / Pisarro's People

- Nov. 2009: Egypt's Animal Mummies: Pets of the Pharaohs / Reinventing Syria / Flashy Kingfishers / Madagascar's Stone Labyrinth / Harvesting Monsoon Rains / When Crocs Ruled
- Dec. 2009: Are We Alone? Searching the Heavens for Another Earth / The Other Tibet / Resurrection Island / 21st Century Hunter/Gatherers / How Plants Mate / Monks Vs. Modernity
- Jan. 2010: Merging Man and Machine: The Bionic Age / Sublime Scottish Islands / Trafficking in Wildlife / China's Spirit Worship / Clownfish: The Cost of Stardom / Tough Love in Singapore
- Feb. 2010: Polygamy in America / Life in a Cubic Foot / Protecting Patagonia / India's Nomads / New vision for Hubble / Curious Congo Chimps
- Mar. 2010: Wolf Wars / Secrets of Peru's Nasca Lines / The Venus Flytrap Diet / Upheaval in the Omo / Shanghai Shows Off
- Jun. 2010: Greenland: Ground Zero for Global Warming / Whooping Crane Count / Redemption in South Africa / Land of the Tree Kangaroo / China's Treasure Caves
- Jul. 2010: 4 Million Year Old Woman / Birds that Decorate / Pakistan's Troubled Heartland / Enchanted Brazilian Dunes / The 21st-Century Grid
- Oct. 2010: The Spill - Inside the Deepwater Disaster / The Toll in the Bayou / Sylvia Earle: Gulf Memories // Protecing Marine Life / Australia's Lost Giants / Celebrating Jane Goodall
- Jan.2011: Population 7 Billion: How Your World Will Change / Quieting a Noisy Ocean / Bleached Reefs Bounce Back / Telltale Scribes of Timbuktu / Conquering Vietnam's Megacave / America's Lost City
- Jul. 2011: Searching for the REAL Cleopatra / Not Too Late for Polar Bears / Baghdad's New Life / The Middle East: Young, Angry & Wired / How Heirloom Seeds Can Feed the World / Portuagal's Only National Park
- Dec. 2011: The King James Bible: Making a Masterpiece / How We Can Save Wild Tigers / Images of Japan's Nuclear Zone / Upstart Galaxies Flirt w/ Milky Way / The City Solution to Earth's Problems
- Feb. 2012: What Dogs Tell Us: The ABCs of DNA / The Science of Tsunamis / Kazakhstan's Brash Capital / Discovering a Lost Da Vinci / Secret Southwestern Cliffs / Cave People of Papua New Guinea

- Feb. 2011: Easy Abs / 50 Cheap Splurges / The Best Way to Lose Weight / Delicious, Healthy Dinners / Feel Calmer Every Single Day

- Mar-Apr 2010: Life on the Line: Pretty Places that Seduce, Sooth and Sometimes Kill / High Plains Poison: Unveiling Montana's Dirtiest Secret: Coal / Look Man, No Car! Public Transit that Makes Your Thighs Burn / Plan an Eco-Escape to Canada's Coast
- Nov-Dec 2010: Slower, Higher Deeper - Snowboarding's anti-machine manifesto / Artic Blues: First Oil, Now Coal / Know Your Nukes / Future Blimps / Live in a tree
- Jan-Feb 2011: Beyond The Barrel: Can we really get off oil in 20 years? / Mauled: Grizzly Bear Politics gets bloody / Laotian Time Bombs: A war's explosive environmental legacy
- Jul-Aug 2011: Thoreau Was Wrong: On the trail, it's SPEED that inspires / Hybrid Warships: The Greening of the U. S. Military / Car-Free Cities / Chill Desserts / Cheatercycles / Save the Yoda Bat
- Nov-Dec 2011: How to NOT DIE Doing This: Conquering fear at a school for big mountain manacis / Coal & Sushi / The Manatee Menace
- Jan-Feb 2012: Less Coal, More Jobs, Right Now / Eco-Grains / Hot Crust Skiing / Future Poop /

- Dec. 2010: One Woman's Lifelong Quest to Save the Orangutan / China's Dinosaurs / An Archaeologist in Afghanistan / A Yuletide Act of Kindness / Alexis Rockman / San Miguel de Allende
- Oct. 2011: A Brighter Future for the Jaguar / The Indians Who Greeted Columbus / Madame Curie's Passion / Willem de Kooning Still Dazzles / Holiday in Greenland / Pumpkins as Big as the Ritz
- Dec. 2011: Volcano Voyage: A Crater Escape in Hawaii / Earth-Friendly Cement / Heirloom Wheat / Sperm Whales Beckon / Dismantling a Dam
- Jan. 2012: Introducing Evotourism: Must See Stops on Our Evolution World Tour / Gertrude Stein Mobilizes Modern Art / Roger Williams Separates Church and State / Annie Leibovitz Celebrates America
- Feb. 2012: The Obsession Issue: The New Craze for Dickens, The World's Sexiest Flower, Gold Fever in the Amazon

- Summer 2008: Ming Court Arts
- Fall 2008: Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul
- Jan-June 2010: Shanghai (an exhibit of art celebrating East meets West in Shanghai)
- July-Dec. 2010: Five Centuries of Japanese Screens
- Spring-Summer 2011: Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance

- Mar-Apr 2011: Tide Pools / Valley of Fire / The happiest place? / Best pet spots / See otters / Utah's Goblin Valley / Yo Yo Ma
- Nov-Dec 2011: Palm Springs / Sacramento trains / Amazing zoos / Salk Lake City
- Jan-Feb 2012 Lake Tahoe / Driving Quiz / A New Wine Escape / hawaii's Food Hero / Utah's Dino-mite New Museum

3 years ago


I should have said - e-mail me with the issues you want, and I'll be in touch!
3 years ago
Added some new issues.
3 years ago
Added some new magazines.
3 years ago
Added more magazines.
3 years ago
Added a ton of new magazines :)
3 years ago
Adding new issues :)
3 years ago

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