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USA Moocher -- Got any money saving tips?

I'd love to send more books international, but the ones that over seas moochers want are the heavy ones! While I have discussed this with a postal worker, and been on the website of USPS many times, I'd like to know what you, sage shippers, do to send anywhere at a reasonable price.

Sea Mail has been all but eradicated, yes, but a friend recently suggested, at the dinner table where I could not loudly disagree, that there was an international media rate, and continued on to say that it was a postal secret... I am intrigued.

Should I indeed invest in a postal scale? And continue to score those flat rate envelopes? Anything you say could be of service. (Tricks with other shippers, perhaps? Does DHL have a secret deal?)

Thank you!

4 years ago


I have heard this same rumor. Something to the effect that "it exists, you just have to know how..."

But no one tells...:-(


4 years ago
There used to be this surface M-bag rate which looks like it could get interesting fast as long as you sent at least 2 books.

AFAIK it exists only airmail now so I guess you'd have to cram quite a lot of books in it to make it worthwile since you get charged the same for anything up to 11 pounds.

An airmail M-Bag to France looks like it'd currently cost $37.95 up to 11 pounds then 3.45 per extra pound.

4 years ago
On the subject of sending international mooches and getting more points, I'm in favor. I'm very new to BM, and out of the books I've sent so far, 2 have been from Canada. I very much want to send, but have to admit the extra postage is a consideration, because of the cost.

I've also found that I'm not listing all of my books because I got so many hits off of my first listing and the postage was an issue (I'm on a fixed income). So I'm "releasing" my books a few at a time.

Other than that, I'm very happy -- I've mooched some books I'd been wanting for a while, so thanks everyone!

~ Robin

4 years ago
I am from Singapore and I spend on average $10 to get a book shipped to US or wherever far far away. I am not harping for points. Shipping cost me half the price of a brand new book thereabouts but I didn't mind. I love the culture of trading books. 10 years down the road, your book has it's own story to tell, if it has the ability to speak, in a decade's time *LOL*. I hope that more members will be open to shipping internationally :)
4 years ago
I use a kitchen scale- it is extremely accurate and can handle packages up to 2 kg. Cost me about $15 US and now I can check postage costs online before I take them to the PO, so I can see if economy air or seamail is cheaper.
Releasing books slowly is a good idea- I just put all my "won't read them again" books in my inventory since I'm new to Bookmooch. Paid more in postage this week than on groceries for my family. Yowza.
4 years ago

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