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Historical military & naval fiction

I have a lot of paperback historical naval fiction and historical military fiction, some of which is in my inventory, and some of which is still in boxes, as much of it is pre-ISBN and I haven't got up the energy to hand-add them. Also, for some of the older ones that do have ISBNs, like Kenneth M. Cameron's Arms series, when I put them in by their ISBN, they turn up with the author's name distorted or missing altogether.

So I was wondering whether there's much interest here in this kind of fiction, or if they can continue to stay in their boxes.

Margaret H.
3 years ago


I suspect there might be some interest. What I would recommend since you have to hand-enter them is to put up a batch at a time, and then announce it in some of the forums. That way, folks with an interest (like me) will know to go look.
3 years ago
Margaret, I was just checking out your list, and something else occurred to me. I think a lot of people on BookMooch are looking for interesting things they've not seen before.The problem is, we don't know it when we "see" it, unless we get a little assist from the person posting the book. I don't think you need to worry about covers. (John is trying to get that resolved.) but a short description of what the book is, is like, whether it's fiction or history, brief plot summary, anything to indicate why someone who can't see the book would be interested in it.

One of the things I did when I started posting books here is I go to Amazon, and I just copy whatever reviews or publishers information may be posted there as "review" on my listing. I keep all the attribution information (who wrote the review, for whom, where it appeared) so that there is no copyright violation, but it's not really hard to do.

You might try it on a couple of your titles that have no other information from their links.

3 years ago
Sadly, it's all become a moot question - as of yesterday, the postal system has closed the branch post office where I could just mail my books without standing in a half-hour line, leaving only the very inefficient main post office, So I've put my inventory on vacation until I can see if there's some solution that won'r cause my knees extreme pain.
Margaret H.
3 years ago
I am looking for certain books from the following authors:
Alexander Kent
Richard Woodhouse
Dewey Lambdin
Patrick O'Brian
Julian Stockwin
Dan Parkinson
Dudley Pope
Bernard Cornwell
C Northcote Parkinson
Each of these authors have 1 or 2 books needed to complete the series for me.
2 years ago
I have books by some of those authors in my inventory.


Margaret H.
2 years ago

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