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Subtract points after successful mooch

Currently, points are deducted from my account when I send a mooch request, even before the giver has accepted the request. Since some requests are ignored or refused or have to be cancelled for similar reaons, I think it would be better to subtract the points later in the process.

2 years ago


Surely with your suggestion there is the potential for someone to mooch more books than they actually have the points to cover and create chaos? For instance if I had 10 points there would be nothing to stop me mooching 20 books in one go. Then the first 10 book owners to accept would take my 10 points leaving 10 book owners with invalid mooches which would just be messing them about. If it was left even later in the process the system would open to all manner of abuse.
I honestly don't see how points could be allocated to the book sender at a later date.
2 years ago
Yes, there's always potential for abuse. But currently, the owner of books get points without even needing to accept or send the books somebody mooched.

There could be a cap on how many mooch requests per day a person can do, or how many requests can be open at one time.

Or a tiered systems, similar to ebay, where people with lots of good feedback and points and inventory get allowed more (having proven themselves to be good) and people starting out get only a few mooches.

2 years ago
But I don't see a problem with the current system, or am I missing something? The owner does receive the point but it is up to the moocher how long they wait for a request to be answered and if they cancel it the point goes back to it's rightful owner. If a moocher has points tied up in unanswered requests it is up to them to deal with the situation or leave it a while longer. I know as it happened to me when I first joined, but I didn't question the set-up.
If a book owner was to spend points for mooches that they haven't responded to, and the moochers were to cancel the requests thus taking the points back, the owners account ratio could be affected in a way that would prevent them from mooching any books. Surely that is the deterrent? If your issue is the amount of time an owner takes to respond to a mooch, then that's another discussion...
2 years ago

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