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Email notification for mooch requests

My first message doesn't seem to have taken, so here's another go:

It would be nice if there would be an email notification for when a member sends a mooch request. Since it's possible to get notifications for wishlists, this should also be possible.

I discovered more by accident that somebody requested one of my books - I had relied on getting an email, but it only showed up on my member page, under pending.

3 years ago


There is an email notification for a mooch request. I've never failed to get one - maybe there is an issue with your email filters? I know a few people have mentioned in various forums about not getting emails and the usual advice is to check that your spam filters are set to accept bookmooch emails, although I don't see why you should get wishlist emails and not mooch ones.
3 years ago
Well for the first mooches I did get emails. And I searched through my whole postbox for a new bookmooch mail, and I do check my spam file regularly. But if it's a one-time glitch, and not a regular feature...
3 years ago
Sadly I keep having problems with getting some emails and not getting others.

Over at bookcrossing, a copy of each email you send to another member is sent to your own inbox, so you can see what you sent when to whom, (and makes reminders easier).

Could that be implemented here, too?

3 years ago
We used to have that in the early days of Bookmooch but it used up way to much server space I think to store all those emails and also slowed things down so it was removed.
3 years ago
No, I meant my own email adress - gmx for example, so it would be stored on the gmx server, not the bookmooch server.
3 years ago

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