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Audio books

I'd be pleased if all titles of audio books would include "audio" right after the title. Some do now, but not all. It'd make looking through members' inventories for them so much easier. I'm guessing that how the title line appears in lists is somehow dependent on how the Amazon data is set up. Yes, if one opens up the Details section for individual books in an inventory, the info is there, but when I'm looking at someone's list of a couple of hundred books, that's a lot of clicking back and forth, in and out of their list.

Margaret H.
3 years ago


Hi Margaret, one thing you can do is on their Inventory page, in the drop-down menu at the top you can choose "show book details" and every book on that page will have its details shown, and you can also go to "settings" in the drop-down menu and change how many books you want listed on each page. Another way to look for audios is to go to Advanced Search from the "Browse" page and put "audio" in the "publisher only" line (another drop-down menu) and put "only books available for mooching" (another drop-down menu item) as another choice farther down the page. Or "books on tape" as publisher only. Hope this helps.
Melanie C.
3 years ago
Thanks, Melanie, but I've tried the method with using the Browse button, and all I get is the same stuff I've seen many times before, some of it not even audio books. I've found more audio books for my mother by looking at the inventories of individual members whose books I'm mooching, and usually it's things that didn't come up at all by using the Browse button. That's why I'd be pleased if the database could somehow link the info farther down the Details page where it specifies that a certain book is the audio version, and put that in the title line. It does that for some books, but clearly not for all. I've got a few audio books in my own inventory that don't say "audio" in the title line but do have it in the book details. I could hand-enter them with "audio" after the title, but other books I've done that way don't seem to get mooched.
Margaret H.
3 years ago
The database that is used to match ISBN to Title probably doesn't include include the "audio" bit in most cases, so that would be hard to fix. I think it would be really nice to have Binding Type as a searchable field on the Advanced Search page. In fact, a drop down box that lists all possible values would be nice. I found a French book where the binding is "Broché", which Google tells me is French for Paperback.
3 years ago
Sarah - I like that solution a lot. Melanie sent me two excellent links that bring up a lot of audio books on BookMooch.
Margaret H.
3 years ago

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