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Forum: European Moochers

Europe and the new BM

International mooching or not? To expensive for you? Costing to many points in the future?

Is it right or wrong if European moochers favor each other?

Let's talk about it.

4 years ago


I'm here!

I have said it many times, but we absolutely need a regional tier to make it more economical to swap as well as to send.

There are many books published in the US which are expensive to buy new here and which don't appear on secondhand lists.

Once we get a copy into Europe, it makes economical and ecological sense to move it around within this landmass rather than immediately sending it further afield to then find it is with someone who cannot send it back again.
4 years ago
As I wrote on the other forum, I've mooched lots of books from Italy (to the UK) in the past, but I've just had a very apologetic email from an Italian BookMoocher explaining that she can no longer send books internationally as the Italian postal service has just trebled the cost of sending books abroad. It is this (escalating postal costs) which is making international mooching so much more difficult, and potentially killing it off.

To be fair to US BookMoochers, while many say "Only to my country" I have also mooched many books from the US (often heavy hardbacks) and I am appalled to see how much postage they have had to pay.

John S
4 years ago
I too would like a regional tier for mooching. It makes economic and environmental sense to send a book within Europe rather than without. That said, if when I list a book all the people who want it are outside Europe, then it'll go outside Europe.
4 years ago
If someone had asked me last week, whether I'd be interested in the regional mooching option, I would have said yes, yes, YES! Not so much anymore... What makes sense in the current 2:3 system, will only drive the cost of my points even furher up in the 3:3 system.

Here's why: With the 3:3 system, in order for me to be able to continue sending internationally, I might have to change my setting from "worldwide" to "ask first" in the future and only post my books within Europe. Since postage -is- cheaper within Europe, I would be able to push the cost/point to as low as I can and thus still be able to get books wherever I want with 3 points at a reasonable cost. If the 2 points/region was introduced, it would mean the removal of that perk. The cost of my point would actually go up, the average which now is 1,4 euros, would rise to 2 or even 3 euros.

This would force me to mooch all of my books within Europe, because spending 3 points, that is 6 to 9 euros, outside of Europe on a used item when the new one costs the same is just plain foolish. It would mean I'd have even less books to choose from in a situation where the supply isn't that great to start with. After all there's always going to be certain books which will only be available in, say, the US.

If the European tier came to be, the other option for me would be to mail all of my books -outside- Europe (because that would actually be cheaper when thinking about cost/point), which is just crazy. And lets face it, most of those books would go to the US, creating yet again an influx of books away from non-US countries and to a region that has enough books as it is IMHO.

So at least with my logic (and to me) the regional European tier doesn't actually have any benefits in the 3:3 system and would only bring about more trouble. Most of the benefits of the regional tier are already accomplished in Europe by "ask first" and a statement in the status message to only send within Europe anyway.

Just my two cents. Feel free to disagree. I'd actually love to hear how the possible regional tier might work for all our benefit, because lately I feel like all there has been is bad news. Can you tell I'm feeling a little bleak? :)


4 years ago
I have to agree with you, Riikka. I used to think an extra regional tier was a good idea, but with the new system it will only cut us off even more from the greatest source of books (the US).

I am one of those people who sometimes contacts Europeans on a wishlist to offer them a book first, or writes in the condition notes that I will accept requests from Europe only for the first week. This is partly because postage is double as expensive for sending outside of Europe, and partly to keep books circulating here. These have been books that I had bought new, and when looking at "previous moochers/senders" they were all in the US.

But a large percentage of the books I have mooched have been from the US (mostly through angels). So if sending within Europe only gave me two points, and mooching from the US cost three it would seriously limit my mooching. And I agree that it would just lead to more books getting "stuck" in the US.

4 years ago
I think that I agree with Riikka... I don't see many advantages of an European 2:2 zone. We can still choose to send Europe only and then with the 3 points I can mooch an international book (EU or non EU)...
I think that the 2:2 zone makes sense for Canada because US moochers would be more willing to mooch books from them if it only costs 1 point more than a domestic mooch.
Right now I think that being Ask First and sending to Europe only is the option that I'll take once I get back to listing books.


4 years ago
As John mentioned, I'm really concerned about the new, ghastly postage fees here in Italy ( no printed paper rate or flate rate either available in my country ), combined with the new 3:3 rule will soon completely prevent me from using BM.
Probably only national mooches will be possible from now on, or multiple mooches from the other European coutries - but with the new ratio for international mooches this option will be limited too... I'm feeling quite desperate. What can I do with my old books?? need to find another swap system asap, or perhaps I'd do better selling them by weight to some flea market. More economically convenient.
4 years ago
I agree that a 2:2 ratio for regional division EUROPE only brings disadvantage to our accounts. Sending within Europe is already cost me 3 times more than domestic, and sending outside Europe is 5 to 6 times more. If I'm going to wait till Amazon go for sale or discounts, I could already buy my genre for 3€ to 6€ and compare to sending 4€ to 10€ a book internationally? I think I would be forced to leave bookmooch.
Postal cost are getting higher every now and then and this community is for sharing books "internationally", shouldn't we not supposed to received more points since we're having higher cost and not lessen it to discourage newbies and push oldies away? Well, maybe at the end...only those who can afford it will remain, means to say, "the rich"?
4 years ago

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