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How do I search specifically for books on CD?

I guess the subject says it all. I only want books on CD but I don't see a way to search for this media only.

2 years ago


As far as I know there is no specific way to look for books on cd. People have different techniques -- keep an eye on the Inventory of people who you've mooched books on cd from in the past is one way. My favorite (that I learned about from a previous forum post in fact) is to go to "advanced search" from the Browse page, then put the word "audio" in the search line, then in the drop down menu that has author, title, etc. choose "publisher". This will get you a list of all things posted on BookMooch with the word "audio" as part of the publisher's name. But then you will still have to click on the title to find out if it's an audio cassette or a cd. You can get a list of cd publisher's that don't have "audio" as part of their title, and try those too.
Melanie C.
2 years ago
There is no way currently to search by type of book. Your best bet is to search through Amazon and use the Moochbar.
2 years ago

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