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Received a book I canceled.

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question. I requested a book and it was accepted. I am not picky about waiting for books, but the book had not been sent over a month a half. I reminded the person but didn't get a response, so I canceled the mooch. Today, I received the book in the mail. I am kind of disappointed that I have to pay to ship the book back. I would normally just keep it and try and give a point back to the person (which I am not sure how to do), but the book is in really bad condition (which wasn't stated). It has dirt, grease, and food marks all over it. What would be the best thing to do in this situation.

2 years ago


Since you canceled, I don't think you should have to send the book back, it's not your fault the person mailed it. I would just throw it away and perhaps go back to the transaction history and leave feedback that the book was mailed to you anyway even though you canceled and that the condition was poor so you had to discard it. I've "smooched" someone when a book I canceled due to lack of response arrived anyway. But that book was in reasonable condition.
2 years ago
I've also smooched points to a member who sent me two books that I had cancelled weeks before. They were in good condition though and I wouldn't have done so if they weren't.
2 years ago

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