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Guide to the Perplexed re Vacation or not vacation

I am going to Tanzania
for about 3 months at the beginning of June, and accessing the internet can be a problem.
Three questions:
1)I have about 25 books to send out and almost as many that I have mooched (most on their way, others only "accepted"). I almost never refuse a mooch, no matter where, but I will not be able to attend to any more books. Is there a way to suspend/freeze my inventory temporarily, until I return. I would hate to have to redo the whole list.
2) If I put my account "on vacation", will I still be able to acknowledge receipt of mooched books? I imagine some of these books will arrive while I am still here, but what of books that arrive in my absence?
3) If my account is on vacation, can I still access the forums?

I look forward to advice from my good friends who always come up with helpful suggestions.

2 years ago


I agree that the vacation option is probably your best choice. The other way would be to export your inventory as a file, empty your inventory, and then, when you get back, import your inventory from the file.
2 years ago
Sounds good, Cara. How does one do that?
2 years ago
If you go to your inventory, you can select "export your inventory" from the pull down menu. Then you can use the bulk add feature when you are ready to put the books back in again. I haven't done this myself and can't promise that it won't be glitchless.
2 years ago

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