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The "freeze" is over, books are going out this week.

I don't know where else to post this, I have 25 mooch requests that I accepted with the proviso that the books would only go out after Passover/Easter (and I just OK's a couple of overease mooches*). So all of you patiently awaiting my books, be of good cheer, the books will all go out this week, most of them -- if not all -- by air mail. Thanks for your consideration.

*P.S. I don't always remember to whom I expressed a willingness to send books abroad. I wish there were some way of listing these, there is no indication in the inventory, and if I forget and remove such a book for alternative disposition, it can lead to embarassment, at the very least. Any suggestons?

3 years ago


There has been talk about a place for this on the Pending page but I am not sure how soon such a change is likely to happen. You can put in a request in the features requested forum. In the meantime, I set up a Bookmooch folder in my email program for emails of pending transactions (international requests, books promised to mooching buddies) that I want to keep track of.
3 years ago
Thanks, Cara
I'm not sure how to do this in my email, or even if it is feasible -- I have Hotmail and Gmail, I will investigate. At the momen I have taken to keeping list on old envelopes, which invariably disappear
All the best to you.
3 years ago

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