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What's the standard etiquette if a book is returned to sender?

I mailed a book to the address the moocher had specified and it was back in my mailbox yesterday with a "return to sender - insufficient address - unable to forward - return to sender" sticker slapped across the address. I was able to peel the sticker back and verify that I'd written the address correctly, as provided by the moocher.

What is the standard bookmooch etiquette or procedure at this point? I've already had to pay shipping once. Should I have to pay shipping a second time because of someone else's error (the PO or the moocher? I'm not sure at this point) when I'm only getting one point for the mooch?

Thanks for any advice on how to proceed. I'm new around here and still learning the ropes, but really enjoying the experience (until this little bump)


Angie Campbell
3 years ago


Ang, I think before you can really get an answer, you need to contact the moocher and ask more questions. You need to know if it was the PO or the Moocher who screwed up.

If it was the moocher, my feeling would be they should remooch it, to cover the repeat postage.

If it was the PO, then you have to decide how hard you want to fight them. I get stories all the time about people who have trouble mailing to my DPO because the postal employees don't understand their own rules. Most folks don't want to be bothered, which is why some people just won't mail to APO/DPO addresses.

3 years ago
I have had many problems like this. I (used to) ship by registered mail with post back service (surcharges paid by me), and had parcels returned for reasons varying from incorrect address / name etc to failed to collect or moved etc. Generally speaking, I found most BM members extremely unco-operative. Most people tried to mark books as "lost" rather than "received"; most people only tried to get their points back. Many people point at the "not received" / "not lost" dilemma; however, many books "lost" may effect you negatively which would be more unjust. If the problem originated on my side (which happened 3 times), I would reship the book immediately. If the mistake is on the side of the moocher, (s)he ought to mark the book "received" and remooch if they still want the book. I would advise you to click the "remind-button" as soon as possible. The effect will be that you can mark the book "forced-received" before they can mark it "lost". Otherwise, contact "abuse".
I must add that the scope of the problem (15% of my mooches in the last 6 months of my activity) + the ungenerosity and immature squabbling over this problem has been a contributing factor to (temporarily ?) quitting bookmooch.
3 years ago
I had this happen recently as a receiver, the Postal Service returned the book with "Wrong Address" written on it, even though the correct address was written on the package. I'm guessing that the postal worker put the package in the wrong box and it went back instead of being put in the correct box.

Sender contacted me and I offered to send her an extra point for the books but she went ahead and re-sent to me without anything exta. Books arrived safely a few days later.

I've had very few problems considering the number of packages I've sent and received....unfortunately some of my lost packages had more than one item in them, but percentage wise, things are good :)

Communication is key.

3 years ago
If it was returned incorrectly then they should reship it for free. I had that happen to me once. The address was correct and neither myself or hte postal clerk could figure out why it came back to me. I had dropped in a blue bin and then it showed up in my mail box like a week later. They reshipped it for free.
3 years ago

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