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UPDATED: 6.28.10

Had a good experience trading some books through here recently, so I thought I'd put up a full list of books I'd be willing to part with for the right trade:

Graphic Novels:
Harvey Pekar : American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar
Nabiel Kanan : The Birthday Riots (ComicsLit)
Brian Michael Bendis : Torso: A True Crime Graphic Novel
Scatterbrain (Anthology published by Dark Horse, feat. Craig Thompson, Mike Mignola, Dave Cooper, etc.)
Jamie Hernandez : Whoa, Nellie! (Love and Rockets collection)
Scott Mills : Trenches
James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries Volume 3 (collection of his American Elf webcomic strips)
Jason Little : Shutterbug Follies: Graphic Novel (Doubleday Graphic Novels)
Jonathan Ames : The Alcoholic (Art by Dean Haspiel)
Leela Corman : Queen's Day
Garth Ennis : Preacher Special - Cassidy: Blood [B000RIGZ72] Whiskey (DC Comics Vertigo)
Warren Ellis : Orbiter
US (v.1&2) - Steve Darnall & Alex Ross
Neil Gaiman : Death: The High Cost of Living - Neil Gaiman, Chris Bachalo, Mark Buckingham & Dave McKean
The Puma Blues (v2:Sense of Doubt) - Stephen Murphy & Michael Zulli
Roger Langridge : Zoot Suite (autographed by Roger)
Will Eisner : The Dreamer: A Graphic Novella Set During the Dawn of Comic Books
Will Eisner : A Contract with God: And Other Tenement Stories
Road to Perdition - Max Allan Collins & Richard Piers Raynor
Inside Vineyland - Lauren Weinstein
Peter Blegvad : The Book of Leviathan
Anne Elizabeth Moore : The Best American Comics 2006 - edited by Harvey Pekar
Brian Michael Bendis : Daredevil Volume 9: King of Hell's Kitchen
Jordan Mechner : Prince of Persia

Individual Issues:
Astonishing X-Men #1,2,4-8,10,12,19 - Joss Whedon & John Cassaday
Superman #204-207 - Brian Azzarello & Jim Lee
Supreme Power #1,3,4,5,10,12
Planetary #10,11,12 - Warren Ellis & John Cassaday
Transemetropolitan #13,14,28,57,58 - Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson
Fell #3,7 - Warren Ellis & Ben Templesmith
Ocean #5 - Warren Ellis & Chris Sprouse
Global Frequency #1-12 Warren Ellis & various (complete series!)
The Invisibles #6-8,10,11 Grant Morrison
The Filth #1-12 Grant Morrison (complete series!)
Batman & Robin #1 (Reprint) Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
We3 #1,2 - Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
SeaGuy #1-3 - Grant Morrison (complete series!)
Vimanarama #1-3 - Grant Morrison & Phillip Bond (complete series!)
Vertigo Pop! Bangkok #1-4 (complete series!)
Vertigo Pop! London #1-4 - Peter Milligan & Phillip Bond (complete series!)
Other World #1 - Phil Jimenez
Human Target #1 (2003)- Peter Milligan
The Losers #1 - Andy Diggle & Jock
Fight for Tomorrow #1 - Brian Wood (cover by Jim Lee)
Testament #1
Trigger #1-3
American Virgin #1,2,3,5
Loveless #1 - Brian Azzarelo
Lucifer #50
Hard Time #1-4,8 - Steve Gerber
Hellboy Weird Tales #3,5
Death Gallery #1 (1994) - Pinups by various
Fables #1 (Reprint)
Ex Machina # 1 (Reprint)
Sweet Tooth #8,9 - Jeff Lemire
iZombie #1 -
Air #7
Unwritten #8
My Inner Bimbo #1 - Sam Kieth
Metabarons #1,2,3,8,10,13,14,15
Liberty Meadows #14,17,18, Wedding Album - Frank Cho
Hammer of the Gods #1,2,4 - Michael Avon Oeming
Outlaw Nation #1-19 - Jamie Delano (complete series!)
Weasel #1 - Dave Cooper

The Comics Journal:
#243 - Interview w/Dylan Horrocks
#245 - Interview w/Dave Cooper, Crag Flessel
#249 - Interview w/Debbie Dreschler, Will Eisner
#251 - Interview w/James Sturm, Underground Comix panel
#253 - Interview w/Eric Drooker, John Cullen Murphy, Jason
#256 - Fort Thunder Retrospective, Keiji Nakazawa
#259 - Young Cartoonists, 2003 in Review
#260 - Interview w/Dupuy & Berberian, Jean-Claude Mezieres
#266 - Interview w/Brain Michael Bendis, Books of the Year, 2004
#280 - Interview w/Frank Thorne, Carla Speed McNeil

More reluctant to part with:
Summer Blonde - Adrian Tomine
The Ballad of Dr. Richardson - Paul Pope
The One Trick Ripoff - Paul Pope

What I'm looking for:
Acme Novelty Datebook v.2 - Chris Ware
Love and Rockets books - Los Bros. Hernandez
Alec: The Years have Pants - Eddie Campbell
The Fate of the Artist - Eddie Campbell
Cerebus - Dave Sim
Cerebus vol.2: High Society - Dave Sim
Cerebus vol.8: Women
Cerebus vol.9: Reads
Cerebus vol.10: Minds
Cerebus vol.11: Guys - Dave Sim
Cerebus vol.12: Rick's Story
Cerebus vol.13: Going Home
Cerebus vol.14: Form & Void
Anything by Anders Nilsen (especially Big Questions issues and/or Don't Go Where I can't Follow)
Anything by Moebius
Curses - Kevin Huizenga
Ex Machina v.3-10 - Brian K. Vaughn & Tony Harris
Criminal books - Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips
100 Bullets v.3, 5-13 - Azzarello & Rizzo
The Maxx - Sam Kieth (would love to replace my floppies with the trades of this one)
DMZ books - Brian Wood
De:Tales - Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá
Either of Gipi's books from First Second (Garage Band and/or Notes for a War Story)
Mome anthologies from Fantagraphics
Ignatz series books from Fantagraphics (I have Ganges and Gipi's books but would love to try some of the others)

Also, if you've got any others not listed above that you think I might be interested in, feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have. And enjoy some sketches I've picked up from comics artists over the years here:


4 years ago


Any chance you want individual issues of Love & Rockets (1 & 24), or Dave McKean's CAGES. I'd like some of your Grant Morrison back-issues.
4 years ago
I could probably go for the L&R...I have Cages in hardcover (awesome, btw!). Which Morrison caught your eye?
4 years ago
The SeaGuy set & most of the Invisibles.
4 years ago
Do you still have Kingdom Come or the Daredevil books?
John Blood
4 years ago
I still have Kingdom Come, but only one of the Daredevil's (Vol.9: King of Hell's Kitchen). How bout you? Anything on my list?


4 years ago

Here are a list of comics that I have: Let me know if you want anything for Kingdom Come and Daredevil. Or you could post them on Bookmooch and reserve them for me.

John Blood
4 years ago

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