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We have managed to recover
BMjournal - Can You Figure It Out?? BM1253839520984976472
BMJournal Anything and everything Welsh / Cymru am byth! BM125633477691905185
BMJournal: Playing House BM1290808244677209264
Mother Moon/Sister Sun (Birthday Books Vol 24 of 41) BM1191207266886435350
BMJournal - Hopes and Dreams BM1230670943411581897
BMJournal: Purple Haze BM123082748770977947
BMJournalers - 1001 Ways to Nourish Your Mind and Body BM1241915076413774213
BMjournal - Monty Python BM1297905425859928921
BMJOURNAL: LAZY DAYS OF LIFE BM1204915143361027454
which will be repaired as necessary, scanned, photographed, slideshows uploaded and brought back into circulation.
As we still have many other searches and attempted recoveries underway this will not be done in the next few days, but they will gradually all reappear for mooching. If you are the creator of one of them and wish to reserve it once relisted please let me know and we will arrange for it to be held for you.
Please assist us by always checking that you only send to reliable journallers (check they have the bmjl large world logo in their friends list). If a journal is not sent within six weeks of request or you find on has gone missing, the sooner we know the more likely we will be able to trace it and recover it. Consistent bad practice will lead to journallers being removed from the bmjl friends list, so check each time you accept a journal mooch please!
When I started looking for missing journals in 2009/2010 over 50% seemed to be lost or stalled, which is atrocious. With the help of the library shelf-holders and some alert journallers this is gradually being corrected.
New journallers are welcomed, and a request to befriend the library will only be refused if there are grave doubts about the record of the moocher.
As with all 'free' services there are costs and expenses, these are not passed on to the journalling community, but deserve some consideration with respect to the use and care of journals.

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
2 years ago


This is great news! How many hours do we worry and struggle to find and track them down. Even this small sucess is great news...

Please anyone with a journal that needs to be returned to a shelf holder make contact or send them back. Our hope is to see all the journals filled and returned to their creators! If you need addresses to send the journals to please look up the shelf holders in your area or contact the main charity.



BMJournal Library Charity N. America Shelf (Alaska)
2 years ago

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