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"An Enigma"

Contest players, gather ye around for this latest challenge here...
Christmas time soon coming is, then New Year's will appear.
As ends the year, so too this game...yea until the midnight tolls...
Erected is within this poem what's needed to join the rolls.
Use skills of concentration, maybe ask a psychic friend,
Parse the secrets in cat can use whatever ends,
But with the ending (in old Japan) of January one,
I'd like very much to finalize and post the winners and be done.
The prizes score will be all in total three...the!
Prize one belongs to the appointed best response creatively...
'Tis not a blockbuster prize, I grant, but an acknowledgment smooch.
Having given out that one, attention goes to two.
The second boon goes to first at sleuthing...perchance someone new?
Swept has "peter" done every contest mine...will he win anew?
Points award? Lowly two...but bragging rights abound.
Finally, I'm much pleased to speak about the third prize round.
Ten points go to the triumphant soul among responders correct...
As wins random selection, winner can from me collect.
Now please attend as we move along from pedestrianity...
The remains all of ugly rhyme (this here poem, don't you see)
Stores within its artless lines at least enough for to get a thread.
Eye the writing, seek out words and assemble in your head
Data found in clues herein, for of help'll be in goal attaining...
Getting past primary hurdle the, follow then step two (hee, hee).
After that, you'll have a third (very easy, I'll admit)...
Remaining tasks...response append (employing, I hope, wit).
Ah, anticipation time...awaiting!
Let the games begin (about darn day)! Participants, "salut"!
Lest I forget, the time it almost is for the maker of the puzzle to
Announce the beginnin' clue...but add I will first an other word or two.
Now's the start of my third year here (of course this in ref. to site).
People far and near I've met...Americans, Teutons, Thais...
Obliged I be in gratitude to all for the help I've had.
Efforts theirs have got me many books I'd wanted bad.
And now it's time for my game to scope th'title should do.
Enough to start are those words, but I have written you another clue.
If it's not at all for ye enough, are you, friend, outta luck. Bye you!

Rebel Sun
3 years ago


Well, December has arrived in Japan, and with it my latest puzzle. Hopefully this one will get more than just the six or seven die hards. Just a quick note to clarify - for purposes of this contest, please consider contractions and abbreviations to be single words.
Rebel Sun
3 years ago
I present to you a short ode to Norway. Oh, land of the midnight sun, where eagles soar over quiet mountain tops while muskoxen graze below. I love to journey through your wild landscapes, and your winter blanket of snow. AlineM, Dec 1st, 2011.
3 years ago
Hi Rebel Sun (in old Japan), This puzzle may be the most difficult challenge yet. We still have approximately thirty days left, but is it too early to ask for a hint? or possibly two hints? I know, I should probably quit asking for hints whenever you give us a puzzle.
3 years ago
Exactly one week in and just two people have attempted the puzzle..not quite the turnout that I'd hoped for. Kudos to the bibliophile from Norway for being the first contestant to solve it.
Rebel Sun
3 years ago
I will be number two (right behind peter) in asking for maybe a hint to this extremely difficult puzzle. I am getting so very frustrated that I am about to throw my wife's fine china against the wall and break it into a million pieces. Oh well, I guess I will just have to buckle down and quickly go over the clues again. Good luck to all!
3 years ago
Two weeks in and just three contestants have responded. Welcome to the puzzle, my friend from America! Who is going to kick in next? The quest continues for only a few more weeks.
Rebel Sun
3 years ago
Only about 36 hours to go, and a mere three puzzlers are in the mix. Grab yourselves a leftover turkey sandwich and get those juices flowing...the contest is not quite finished...there is still time!
Rebel Sun
3 years ago
Did you know that xylitol is a natural sweetener that may produce laxative effects? Don't mind the bloating. You should chew at least two or three pieces of xylitol gum a day to keep your teeth healthy. Chewing prevents your ears from popping as you fly your high-speed zeppelin to Qatar, or wherever. So, go grab a jar!
3 years ago

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