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Mooch cards in UK, Europe

I'm in London at the moment, and just discovered that I have 40 boxes of mooch cards in my cupboard.

I'd be happy to send boxes of 1000, or envelopes of about 50 to anyone who mooches them in the UK/EU area. If you get a box of 1000 (recommended!) you can slip a dozen in with each book you send out, as a way of distributing them around the Global Mooch Network.

Here is the mooch URL for a box of 1000:
BookMooch : Box of 1000 BookMooch hand-out cards

and here is the mooch URL for an envelope:
BookMooch : Box of 25 BookMooch hand-out cards

American moochers - I only have a box or two of these left in the US, so I'm afraid these are only available to UK/EU moochers for now. Sorry!

These cards look like the images below, and fit in your wallet (they're credit card sized), which is very handy.

John Buckman
12 months, 27 days ago


Will have a BookMooch stand at the Crail Bookfair 12th/13th October at the Town Hall. If you live in the East Neuk of Scotland then please come along and help yourself!
Jan Johnson
12 months, 27 days ago

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