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Mooch cards in UK, Europe

I'm in London at the moment, and just discovered that I have 40 boxes of mooch cards in my cupboard.

I'd be happy to send boxes of 1000, or envelopes of about 50 to anyone who mooches them in the UK/EU area. If you get a box of 1000 (recommended!) you can slip a dozen in with each book you send out, as a way of distributing them around the Global Mooch Network.

Here is the mooch URL for a box of 1000:
BookMooch : Box of 1000 BookMooch hand-out cards

and here is the mooch URL for an envelope:
BookMooch : Box of 25 BookMooch hand-out cards

American moochers - I only have a box or two of these left in the US, so I'm afraid these are only available to UK/EU moochers for now. Sorry!

These cards look like the images below, and fit in your wallet (they're credit card sized), which is very handy.

John Buckman
1 year ago


Will have a BookMooch stand at the Crail Bookfair 12th/13th October at the Town Hall. If you live in the East Neuk of Scotland then please come along and help yourself!
Jan Johnson
1 year ago

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