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Bookmarks available to all, USA and Europe

I have about 100 boxes of BookMooch bookmarks available to members in the USA or Europe: BookMooch : Box of 500 BookMooch Bookmarks

these are available for free to anyone who wants them.

These will be sent from my house in California over the next 3 weeks.

As of October 1st, I'm in England, and then visiting France, and so I'll bring boxes on the airplane and send them to Europeans around the first week of October.

There are 500 bookmarks in each box. If this is more than you can use, please offer your spare ones for mooching in sets of 25, 50, or 100 at a time, by adding one of these to your inventory:

I'm also happy to send out 25 bookmarks at a time to anyone who wants them in the USA or Europe: Bookmarks : 25 Bookmooch Bookmarks

- john

BookMooch Bookmarks
12 months, 15 days ago


These are awesome!!! I got some previously and gave a few to my post master!
12 months, 15 days ago
would it be possible to send some to Brazil?
12 months, 12 days ago
Thank you!
12 months, 12 days ago
Could you post some to me when in the UK please ?
12 months, 12 days ago
Looking forward to them. I distribute them everywhere I send a book on other sites as well, trying to bring in new members.
12 months, 11 days ago
Just wanted to say thanks for the bookmarks. I ship packages out for eBay and multiple other trading websites everyday, so I will be including a bookmark with each package.
Kathlib the Prophet
12 months, 11 days ago
I hope you're not still violating USPS regulations by sending them library mail! I would hate for any packages to arrive postage due...
12 months, 11 days ago
I would love to have some to give to friends and family :) I'm in the UK.
12 months, 11 days ago
@Becca. . .say it ain't so! Violating USPS regulations?
12 months, 10 days ago
Bookmarks are not eligible for media mail or library mail. Sending a package of them at that rate will definitely get them marked postage due if they get inspected. Even including them with a book sent media mail could potentially do so, although if you tuck one inside a book you're unlikely to get caught, especially if the book is wrapped in plastic.
12 months, 10 days ago
re: UK -- yes, absolutely! I'm flying to the UK in 3 weeks and will send them using Royal Mail. There is a moochcards_uk user that will send them out to you for only one mooch point.

re: Brazil -- sorry, I checked and it's about $25 in postage for me to send it to you.


BookMooch Bookmarks
12 months, 9 days ago
Thanks anyway.
12 months, 9 days ago
I would love to have some if possible...thank you
12 months, 8 days ago

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