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Small recent books changes

A few small changes on the "recent books" page...

1) I'm now only showing a max of 10 topics per book, which greatly increases the number of books that can be shown per page. However, if you "search" then BM still searches all the topics for each book

2) non-moochable books are now definitely being hidden from the recent books feed. There were some cases where books that were added and then no longer available were still in "Recent books". Now, I have something which tests every book in recent-books once a minute, and removes the unmoochable books that snuck in.

3) if you want to see only books in your country search for "united kingdom" (ie the name of your country) and the recent books feed will be customized for you.

4) I'm not having trouble with the RSS feed (one person said it didn't work for them). I tried entering at and it worked as expected.

5) a quick check on Amazon vs BM finds that books w/o book covers don't have book covers at Amazon either. However, many fewer books are now without book covers, thanks to the amazon refresh.


John Buckman
1 year ago


Hello, John!

"Awesome" is one of the most overused words in the English language, and yet it certainly applies to the BookMooch web site and your efforts to continuously improve its performance. Now that I'm done with this note, I just realized that I should have consulted my thesaurus for some appropriate synonyms for "awesome," but that term will do for now. Thank you for all your hard work and concern for your followers.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Mike Bemis

Mike & Jill Bemis
1 year ago
This is one of my favorite websites. Bookmooch has enriched my life. Thank you for continuing to improve it.
1 year ago
Thank you! You are always improving the site and making it easier to use. I appreciate all the hard work you put into Bookmooch.
Jeri D
1 year ago
Thank you so much. I second the motion on "awesome" being overused and on its here-appropriateness.
Emily Martha Sorensen
1 year ago
Hi John,

Your work gives so many of us pleasure. Just today I received two wonderful books in the mail that I've been looking for for a long time. Thank you!

One question I'd like to address is members that do not have a correct email address on file, so when you try to communicate all messages bounce. I've had several instances of this, a good example being that I sent a man 5 new, sealed audiobooks, which were delivered via delivery confirmation, but they sit on my page forever as he never marked them received. Any attempts to message him bounce. Any help for this situation upcoming?

Thanks again for a great site!

1 year ago
Please Please revisit the policy about not deleting members who are not actively using BookMooch. If an account has been inactive for over 100 days and does not have any inventory and no mooches pending...then there is a very good chance the person (or group) is no longer using the site.

Think of this way...if you were going door to door selling Girl Scout cookies...would you bother knocking on the doors of empty houses?? Of course is not logical.
Deborah A Kimber

1 year ago
I love and appreciate Bookmooch! Thank you for all your hard work, and thank you to all of the mostly ethical, responsive mini hers and givers.
Jenny S.
1 year ago
Haha! Spellcheck thinks that "mini hers" is better than "moochers"!
Jenny S.
1 year ago
Thanks, as always, for all the wonderful things you do for us! I've been a BookMooch member for a long time, and I love it! :-)
1 year ago
I don't agree with Deborah A Kimber's comment. Inactive accounts should be placed on vacation, but not deleted. An inactive member might have good reason to be inactive for a time, but still want to participate at a later time.

For example, it's not always possible for members to purchase books just to give away. I am one who cannot buy books merely to give them away, hence my low inventory at the moment... which might go to none before I have books I can afford to give away.

When I have books to give away, I'll add them in small batches, up to about 10 books per month. However it may be a long time before I have the time, resources and energy to add inventory. Even if I had 1,000 books to give away, I could not add them all at once, due to budget restrictions; I can only pay to send so many books each month.

In fact, I actually DO have books I'm willing to part with. What I do not have is the time or energy to sort books I want and/or need to keep from those that can be listed for mooching.

Joan M.
1 year ago
You misunderstood my message.
I was recommending that members who have been

1. inactive for OVER 100 days
2. Does not have any inventory
3. Does not have any pending mooches

Should be contacted regarding their account. Bookmooch should ask if they want to be considered an active member or have their account deleted.

I am tired of looking at Bookmooch profiles to see if the "member" is active or not, when I want to order a book or want to email another member who has my listed book on their wishlist. There are hundreds of BookMooch accounts that have not been active for over 1,000 days (come on.... that is about 3years...that is unreasonable)

I know of one book trading site that if you do not visit the site for a month or complete a pending transactive the site automatically "deactives" your account. You are notified the acount has been deactived, and allowed to reactive your account by logging in.

I am recommending that BM revise the current policy of not deleting or de-activating accounts.
I hope that clarifies my opinion.
Deb K

1 year ago
I agree with most of Deb K's comments..I haven't had this problem on Bookmooch yet but have on another popular book trading site. That site does give a time limit for people to accept or reject a request. Sometimes it isn't thoughtlessness or could be illness, or any number of things keeping a member from responding. 9outof10
1 year ago
I really love the new recent books look. I would think that would increase the number of trades. It might be a good idea for an email to go out to new members telling them to check that page out. Might even be a good idea to email all members this one time about the new look since many probably never read the forums.
1 year ago
Ugh, the new "Recent" page is horrible. I don't need to see all of that, just the titles and the authors.

It's also a mess when it updates. Looking at a book and then whoosh it's gone because a new title has been added.

Also the "Recent" books added are gone if they have already been reserved or mooched. . .frustrating.

Sometimes lower tech is better.

1 year ago
I am looking for a beginners course in Portuguese with Cds and text book
Can anybody help ?

best wishes to those I that I have met, through BM

Thank those who have emptied my bookcases by 600+ and those who have refilled them with 500 plus .

One of your veteran admirers :) rhygirl58

Sylvia Lukeman
1 year ago
@Sylvia Try posting your request here: A book search among friends Also, it is not a good idea to post your email address in a public forum.
1 year ago
how do I erace my first email ?

Thank you I have used the link to A book search among friends

Sylvia Lukeman
1 year ago
@Sylvia, if you click "write a comment" at the top of the comments on John's Blog, you will be able to scroll to your previous comment and click on the delete link (or edit and erase your email address).
1 year ago
Cara, thank you for your help, Sylvia
Sylvia Lukeman
1 year ago

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