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New: recent books rewritten

I've rewritten the recent books feature, so it now works again, and is completely Twitter-free. I've done it in a very visual style, with cover art and a variety of fonts. Hopefully more people will like what I've done with the "look" of "recent books" than those who dislike it!

Take a look at it at:

You can also search inside the recent books, for any text that appears on the page, and only books that match all your conditions will be displayed.

For example, if you search for "romance united states":

you'll only get books that mention "romance" that also mention "united states".

The "search" feature is really useful if you only want to see books that are in your country.

The "recent books" page automatically refreshes every minute. You might have a slight screen blink when the page refreshes: in a later iteration of the feature, I'll fix that.

A few things to note:

1) any book that is added that is on someone's wishlist is not displayed in "recent books" until the wishlist members have received their email notification. This is so that existing members, who have built up their wishlists, have precedence.

2) any book that is not on any wishlist, is displayed right away on "recent books". This could potentially be a problem if someone adds a lot of books and doesn't realize how many mooches they'll get, but I feel that negative is balanced off by the quick mooching of books you've added to your inventory, so that while you're still using the BM web site, the pending mooches start coming in.

3) any books that are mooched, or removed from inventory, are automatically removed from the "recent books" feed. Only moochable books are displayed.

4) the country where the book is located is displayed on "recent books". However, this doesn't necessarily mean that this person will send to you. I *could* change this, and only display moochable-by-you books. It's a bit of work on my part, but it would be useful, so I'm thinking of it.

5) I know that people asked for RSS feeds, and I'll be adding that feature shortly. I also need to update the API for this new feature (the recent books API call is currently not working).

6) The page looks best in a recent web browser that can accept custom fonts. It does work with IE6 and IE8, but it doesn't look as nice.

7) the cover art is "retina display" compatible, so if you use a high resolution tablet, laptop or phone, the cover art will look stunning, even as you zoom in on the page.

8) I'm going to see what I can do to have more books display cover art.

I think that's all I have to report for now... let me know your thoughts!


John Buckman
1 year ago


Thank you, John, for all that you do for us BookMoochers! You have created a wonderful web site for book lovers and you continually strive to make it better. My wife Jill and I have been active members for about five years now, and we tell anyone who will listen about your creation. Keep up the good work!

Warm Regards,

Mike Bemis

Mike & Jill Bemis
1 year ago
I didn't use the Recent Books feature before the changes, but what I see now is quite useful and visually appealing. How convenient! Thanks, John.
1 year ago
Well done, John! This new arrangement is even better than the previous one. It is so much more attractive than the previous bland list. Good job! Big round of applause for you.
Gretchen Ann
1 year ago
Very nice, thank you for all your time and energy!

IF you could mention whether the book is potentially moochable by moochers not in own country, that would be really GREAT and prevent a lot of frustration....... ☺

Dorith Carmeli
1 year ago
Love it!! Thank you!!
1 year ago
1), 2), 3) great ideas.
4) Please do NOT only display copies where they are available to the member - people change their preferences at times, and also I have found that members I know or to whom I have sent will often send out even if displaying "own country only".
An "own continent only" would be useful. Europeans are often reluctant to send beyond the cheaper EU countries, US members will often send to Canada, but have to be asked if displaying "own country only", which many do.
Will 8) apply to journals where covers are displayed too?
Thanks for your time and effort.
1 year ago
love it! much easier to scan through, thanks
1 year ago
This is wonderful! Thank you so much! I love the Recently Added feature in general, and use it all the time. Now its even better and more interactive. Thanks again for all of the awesome things that you and Book Mooch does!
1 year ago
This looks fantastic. I love the way you've organized it. You've thought it out perfectly.

I already see several tempting things on it . . .

Emily Martha Sorensen
1 year ago
Wow - Looks great - I love it - Thanks!
1 year ago
That is beautiful! Thank you!
1 year ago
lovely, thanks a lot!

4) on the "only moochable by you" feature: I would rather not have that, because it would deprive me of the opportunity to see books that I might be interested in and find an angel to mooch for me and send on.
As I am in Germany, and a lot of moochers from the US are set to "only in my country", I and a lot of international moochers would not get to see most of the newly added books then.
IMHO, that would be a pity!

(might be an idea if you could make that feature optional, but I do not know whether that is at all feasible, and I suspect it would take quite a bit of time)

@Gil & mark tennant: /my continent only: for Germans, at least, international postage is the same for all countries, so I do not think that would be a good idea. I will just as gladly send to Australia or Japan as i will to the UK or Israel.

1 year ago
1 year ago
Love it, thank you John!
1 year ago
John u did a great job. B.M. forever!
1 year ago
Absolutely wonderful - - very professional
1 year ago
Hi aganmooch - the same applies here, but I know a lot of European countries do feel that way. I don't suggest "own continent" replaces "worldwide" - just an added choice where applicable. If you see my fb you will see I have sent to all the inhabited continents.
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
1 year ago
Thanks for all your hard work, John. Yes, I would like to see only books taht are moochable by me. It doesn't do me any good to know that a book is available in France, for instance, if that sender won't ship to the USA. It also doesn't do me any good to know that a book is available in a language other than English. I am not able to read other languages and would be very upset to discover I had accidentally requested a book printed in German, for example... and, of course you realize that last applies to all books that I would be unable to read because of the language barrier.
Joan M.
1 year ago
Those who think they cannot get a book because it is in a country with a member who will not send abroad should remember that some people want a particular book and are willing to use a Bookmooch angel or some other way to access it. I have sometimes (in a private capacity) just mailed the owner and asked and been accepted!
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
1 year ago

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