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Bookmarks available in USA and Europe

Note: I posted this two weeks ago, and I'm off to England now. So.. I'm putting my USA bookmarks account on vacation and sending the UK bookmarks in a few days...

I have about 150 boxes of BookMooch bookmarks available to members in the USA or Europe: BookMooch : Box of 500 BookMooch Bookmarks

these are available for free to members who give a little.

There are 500 bookmarks in each box. If this is more than you can use, please offer your spare ones for mooching in sets of 25, 50, or 100 at a time, by adding one of these to your inventory:

I'm also happy to send out 25 bookmarks at a time to anyone who wants them in the USA or Europe: Bookmarks : 25 Bookmooch Bookmarks

- john

BookMooch Bookmarks
2 years ago


I have mooches 25 to UK. Will give a little after I get paid.
2 years ago
That's awesome! I used to have quite a small collection of bookmarks and cards and always added a 1-2 with each book I was sending out. I've run out of them now so I'm glad to be able to 'pay it forward' a bit once again.
2 years ago

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