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BBC6 radio interview

I was interviewed yesterday on BBC6 radio with Lauren Laverne.

It only lasted 5 minutes, and other than my "uhming" a bit too much, I think it turned out ok.

MP3 file of the interview

And so a big welcome to any new moochers who arrived in the past 48h thanks to Lauren Laverne!


John Buckman
3 years ago


Hi John!
Is there a way to share this via FB?
3 years ago
Woohoo! Welcome new moochers :D
3 years ago
Great interview!! I was thrilled to hear your voice for the first time, John! Loved the comment the interviewer made: "sounds quite addicting". Yes, that is in fact the only problem with bookmooch as I see it . . .
Leah Benamy
3 years ago

I'm far from an expect on facebook (as I'm not actually on there) but I would have thought it would be very simple to share such a thing. You can find a help page on the subject at
The link you'll need to share is

3 years ago

Thanks! Did it, but, I'm sorry that actually it doesn't show an immage or something....only the link.

3 years ago
Hmm... We're about at the limit of my FB knowledge and I can't test it at work I'm afraid.

That said, try putting this in as a link - it's not ideal but may be a little better.

3 years ago
Gareth, you're a genius - thanks very much!
Sophie Houston
3 years ago
Dear John,
I thank you very much for the ability you had to realize the idea of letting books go towards new destinies.
Since I was a child I didn't like to see my books stand still on the shelves, because they looked to be dead. Soon I started to donate or to exchange them, keeping them moving, combining strange encounters, as between a boy interested only in football and Tolstoj and so on.
My best wishes to you, Bookmooch and all Bookmoochers.
3 years ago
Thank you Gareth!
3 years ago
Wonderful interview! I love the service and I hope more people join.
3 years ago
You sound so cute! Glad to see Lauren supporting such a great site and getting the word spread :)

I completely agree that the site is addictive!

3 years ago
Excellent interview!!
3 years ago
Good to hear how you were first inspired to get BM going! I didn't realise you were fired up in Norwich - good ideas really do have legs (in this case wings). A good interview and nice publicity.
lin chiswell
3 years ago
Great interview! Thks site has really helped me get books hefe while stationdd overseas. Thanks
3 years ago
Not many umms noticed- I thought you did a great job with a fast style of interviewing which is not the easiest thing to respond to. I never knew Bookmooch could be found at either! Learnt something new about Bookmooch after three and a half years using Bookmooch!
Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
2 years ago

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