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Twitter being nicer to BM for now...

The "recent books" page is, working (mostly) well again at:

I programmed it a few years ago to use Twitter to announce newly available books. That worked well for a few years, and then Twitter decided to limit the number of daily messages, even though previously I had correspondance with them where they had lifted the limits. And of course, they didn't reply to any emails I sent to Twitter asking for the new limit to be removed.

Strangely, they now have lifted that limit again, and so the Recent Books page really does contain all the recently added books and you can also subscribe to to it on Twitter here.

However, not everything is "hunky dory" because Twitter did turn off indexing of the #tags in BookMooch's Twitter feed, which is too bad, because it was handy to be able to filter the "Recent books" into thinks like "Show me only new romance books available in France". However, I've read that Twitter is moving away from #tags, so we might have just gotten swept up in that.

HOWEVER, Google now seems to be indexing Twitter in near real time (yay!) and you can use this fact to work around Twitter's lack of search ability.

For example, if you Google for " bookmooch #rom" you will get a list of Romance books, some as recent as 2 minutes ago, that have been added to BookMooch, and indexed by Google. Cool trick, huh?


John Buckman
2 years ago


Neat way to search using google--I've done the same thing to find Craig's List items and ebay items.
Thanks for looking out for Bookmooch John!!
2 years ago
So that is why Mark is calling out more journals that are coming up on the twitter feed now! Thank you for looking after us all John!

and now I now a good new way to add available journals to the list on the Journal forum as they are added! Thank you John!

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
2 years ago

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