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Added Spanish book data

Today, I added support for "", which is a large database of Spanish language books.

When you browse for books, you can choose "" in your search, and (mostly) only spanish language books should be found (ie, only books old at Amazon's store for Spain).

This improvement will make it much easier for those of you entering Spanish language books to give away, because all you'll need to do is find the book with a search, rather than having to enter in all the book details.

I also added a "Preferred Amazon store" choice on the bottom of your profile page, so that links to more information (ie the "Amazon" buttons on the book pages) go to the appropriate store for your country.

Where (for instance) a Spanish language book might have been added in the USA, you might be in Spain and prefer to read the user's comments on


John Buckman
3 years ago


Thank you John, this will be very helpful
3 years ago
I am very glad this has been done. I have been looking at accounts worldwide, and how few non-English language countries actually successfully use Bookmooch.

It is understandable that this is the case, with well over half the members being in the US, but your tweak may help the Spanish-speaking parts of the world get a toe-hold in the mooching community.

It seems very difficult for the members in countries with less than 150 members to be successful moochers, and at that sort of number the difference between, say Singapore with 171 members and Brazil with 152 is apparently down to language. The majority of those in Brazil seem to have added one book and not mooched or given any books, whilst those in Singapore have.

Whilst Spanish choices may not directly benefit Portugal and Brazil's 325 members it is sure to make a difference to membership in the vast majority of South & Central American countries, and to Spain itself.

Many thanks for your work John to improve Bookmooch.

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity
3 years ago
Thanks John!
3 years ago
Hey John,

I know you've been real busy and I know I've requested this before but wanted to refresh your memory of this: It would REALLY be helpful if we got a message when we try to mooch a book we already mooched asking if we really want to mooch it again. I have had so many duplicates that it's crazy. I read on average about 3-5books a week and just cannot keep them all straight. This would help me and others avoid re-mooching especially if it's in my/our TBR pile.

As always I appreciate and thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You rock!

Take care,

3 years ago
Thank you John! Very useful and quick! Amazon Spain is completely new :)
Belén Abad
3 years ago

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