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8th Birthday for BM!

I can hardly believe it, but eight years ago, BookMooch was born!

Admittedly, due to eBooks, traditional books are no longer at their peak, but they're not gone yet!

Here are some interesting stats, as of today:

1) in the past year, 147,000 have been swapped on BM, an average of 403 books per day.

2) there are 236,000 unique book titles available for mooching

3) 15,000 people are currently active members on BM. 242,000 people have been members of BM at one time in the past 8 years.

4) My personal favorite: over 71,000 "smooches" have been given. Much love goes out to you, those who send smooches to people you admire!

5) Over 6,000 of you have given to charities of BM, for a total of 160,000 points !

When I started BookMooch in 2006, I knew that there would be a future decline in traditional books, but I wanted to do this project anyway. I wanted to do my part to see those books already printed remain in circulation, and have them find more readers.

At this point, BookMooch's software is fairly "mature" and I only fiddle with it now and then (recently, I changed how emails from BM are sent to avoid them being rejected).

I'm working on some new projects at the moment, some of which might be interesting to you, and I'll be announcing them here, when they're launched.

On another note, a few weeks ago I was in Berlin, and was upset to find that the "book forest" (a free lending library built into trees) I knew about was no longer there. It turns out that it had moved a few blocks away, and was in as good a state as ever.

Here are two photos: me in my recently acquired fancy Berlin clothes, and just the tree on its own.

John Buckman
8 months, 15 days ago


It's a BookCrossing zone!

(Nice duds.)
8 months, 15 days ago

Can I tell you the craziest thing I have been doing with my Bookmooch cards and bookmarks (until I get caught)?

I am a volunteer at our local Library. SO, I randomly put bookmarks in books at our Friends of the Library (FOTL) bookstore and the Library itself. I also put bookmarks and cards in random books I browse at our local bookstores.

I have to spread the love!

How can we increase the love (BM membership)? Only 15,000 active members?


Hercules40 (a.k.a. PapaG)
8 months, 15 days ago
Happy birthday BookMooch! Thanks for everything!
8 months, 15 days ago
I know that the idea is that no-body pays anyone else for the service, but postage costs are a tremendous burden these days - and I send out more books than I get back. I spent £14 only today on postage. Would it be cheeky of me to suggest that a few postage stamps sent to the sender in return for a book would help?


Brian Lockett
8 months, 15 days ago
Happy birthday BookMooch <3 a big kiss :-)
8 months, 15 days ago
I love Bookmooch, I am a librarian in a small library and this is how I add to the collection. It works perfect for book series.
Thank you for keeping this up!
8 months, 15 days ago
Happy Birthday Big MaMa (BM)
I enjoy BM and check in dayly
Lou Jones
8 months, 15 days ago
Happy Birthday BM!!!!! <3 <3 <3
8 months, 15 days ago
Happy birthday! Postage is like $2.39 for a small paper back book but if I send three it's like 3.25. It's still cheaper than buying a new book. I enjoy sending and receiving books in the mail.
Jessica Strati
8 months, 15 days ago
Thank you for all that you are doing in keeping books here! I love BM!!


Sandra Faherty
8 months, 15 days ago
I love bookmooch and promote it every day

Happy birthday bookmooch

8 months, 14 days ago
The other day I realized that my husband and I have been members of book mooch for nearly 8 years. I didn't know that we were among the original members.

My father thought that Book Mooch was an excellent idea. I got my love of reading from him. This past week I added a lot of books that had been his. He's been gone a year now and I know he would have been pleased.

Hats off to you, John and your wonderful idea.

Kelly Groce
8 months, 14 days ago
Nice outfit. I love being part of this site--happy birthday to your brain!
8 months, 14 days ago
8 months, 14 days ago
Happy Bookmooch John thank you so much for all your hard work keeping the site up and running and sorting out any little gremlins in the system I have been a member since 2008 wow the time has flown and love this site and the interaction with my fellow bookmoochers I have made some wonderful friends on this site greetingS from your friends down under (Australia) I Love the photo of you in Berlin looking pretty stylish I think the concept of books in trees is a great idea and would love to see it spread to other countries
8 months, 14 days ago
Yay for BM!
Sophie Houston
8 months, 14 days ago
Bookmooch is a wonderful program - thank you for your hard work, patience, and financial means to keep this going.
8 months, 14 days ago
I have had so many hours of reading pleasure from books I received from Book Mooch. Keep up the great work, and Thanks!
8 months, 14 days ago
Yay to all of us, for mooching off each other so well!
John Buckman
8 months, 14 days ago
Happy birthday!!!!! Buon compleanno BM!!!!
8 months, 14 days ago
I don't like people asking me for any form of compensation. What people can do is Mooch a book from somebody and consider themselves compensated (chose a book you have not heard about, let serendipity repay you).

I send books away and I get books from elsewhere, it evens out over time, and I consider it a bargain anyway compared to the cost of new books.

I'll be here until nobody else has books or have sent away my library, one book at the time, whatever happens first.

8 months, 14 days ago
jlms --

And that my friend is why I like Bookmooch. I think you and I, along with the founder, will be the ones to turn the lights off on this project.

It is, what it is. Enjoy it, while we have it.

There whole villages in Africa or Asia that don't have books. There are people who are dying because they want to hold a book in their hands.

We're so lucky.

Hercules40 (a.k.a. PapaG)
8 months, 14 days ago
Thanks for the update and the stats. I've been a member since 2007. In the past two years I've been quite active, sending books a few times a month.

One feature I've enjoyed using is the browse recommendations tool. It's helped me discover new authors. I also read newsletters like Shelf Awareness and frequent bookstores often.

When shopping for new books, it's often in my mind that I will share it with the BM community shortly after I've finished reading it.

8 months, 13 days ago
LOVE Book Mooch!! Also promote it as much as possible!!! Thank you to all the members and to you for this fabulous site!!!
8 months, 13 days ago
"Happy Birthday BookMooch". I've come back to BookMooch after a break of a few years and glad to see it is still running. When I joined BookMooch back in 2010 I lived in Portugal and good English books were sometimes few and far between. I now live in the UK but intend to stay with BookMooch. I have already sent a couple of books this week after my return even though the cost of sending books can add up. I'm going to try to promote BookMooch by leaving BookMooch cards in library books, perhaps this may help gain more members.
8 months, 13 days ago
Happy Birthday Bookmooch I have noticed the slight decline and I have to admit I havnt inventoried man lately as lots I have read recently are advanced reading copies and I am sure they are not allowed on here (shame) I am picking up with my book reading though so will be on more often. Thank you for being there.
carol peace
8 months, 13 days ago
Note to Carol: Jill and I have never had a problem putting advanced reading copies (ARC's) on BM. We always specify in the "condition notes" section that our copy is an ARC, and as such may contain typographical errors and other problems. Also, ARC's are usually paperbacks, whereas the book when actually published is a hardcover. As long as you let other moochers know what it is you have to offer, there shouldn't be a problem.
Mike & Jill Bemis
8 months, 13 days ago
Thank you so much, I have no idea where I got the idea from. doh.I thought I had read it somewhere I will put some on later or tomorrow as I have a few Thank you for letting me know.
carol peace
8 months, 13 days ago
What a great thing Bookmooch is, and I am so happy to be here and be able to say Happy Birthday! BM is the best! I just hope to be able to continue giving a little pretty soon. The tree and the books is a great idea:)
8 months, 13 days ago
Happy birthday BM !
When I get books I always have BM in mind.
Postage is extortionate. But I will continue for people who have the patience to wait.
Saw a brilliant quote. Along the lines of ebooksare no more a threat to paper books as escalators are to stairs....Stephen Fry.
8 months, 13 days ago
Carol Peace, you're probably thinking of a different book swapping site, they do not allow ARCs. Bookmooch definitely does, as long as you use the condition notes to let people know. ARCs tend to be pretty popular here, since they are often newer books :)
8 months, 13 days ago
I'm also on paperbackswap and they don't allow you use a comment on the books condition. I never heard of either of this site until I ordered a used book thru listia and someone had a bookmark in them. I'm not hook on this book sites. I have so many book That I've read and wanted someone else to read them. I've also received many book. I now have many credits that I ask family and friends if there's a book they would like to read.
Jessica Strati
8 months, 13 days ago
I have a few sorted out to list tomorrow Becca , you must be right and I have seen it on somewhere else.
carol peace
8 months, 13 days ago
I've been a member since 2011 and have sent and mooched hundreds of books. A joyful experience. When I lived in Hong Kong I could afford to ship Internationally but here in the U.S., it's prohibitively expensive.

Whenever, I mooch a book from outside the U.S , I always smooch an additional 3 points to help reimburse the moochee.

Let's hope the site can continue to exist.

Ed Hahn
8 months, 13 days ago
Happy 8th b-day, BM. I've been a member since 2008, when I spotted a mention of this site at PaperBackSwap, which is real picky about other book site mentions...and BM, for that reason, is seldom mentioned.

I used to ship internationally, from USA, for a number of years, BUT no longer do so since the point incentive for int'l mailing was removed, and postage/int'l postage has gotten so insanely high...and guess what, imho, postage costs will probably NEVER go back down and will probably only rise even more.

(just look at gas prices, for example. I remember $0.18 a gal gas when I was a child, lol...I'm rather old'ish. Now USA gas costs vary between $3 to $5 per gal and I've heard that other countries' prices are much higher).

Having only a tiny social security, I learned, early on, NOT to list heavy hardback or big heavy Tpb books, because the international postage was often MORE than the cost of the book, USA retail, new. Because I don't list/ship hc's, I also RARELY mooch em either. Those few hc's I do acquire now usually get donated to the local FOL.

Lou B
8 months, 12 days ago
A belated Happy Birthday to BookMooch, and thanks to you John for creating this wonderful community! I am still very resistant to ebooks. I read them on occasion, but mostly only when I want to read something that just isn't available in print. I much prefer to hold an actual book in my hands. I just can't imagine a day when that won't be an option.
8 months, 12 days ago
“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”
― Oscar Wilde

Happy Birthday BM.

8 months, 11 days ago
Happy Happy Birthday BookMooch!! John thank you so much for having the wonderful idea. I hadn't realized that I joined in 2006 during the first year. So I will be celebrating my membership of 8 years right along with you!

Have a Wonderful Day!

8 months, 11 days ago
THANKS and Happy Birthday to Book Mooch! I LOVE books. I appreciate this site- I suggest everyone post the link to Book Mooch on their Facebook or similar pages to share with others and get the word out. Also our local department store Bealls has a mailing service and sends merchandise you need to mail or any packages brought in by customers and uses a meter system- which does not check on thickness and size as much as weight- so the prices are less- don't understand this- but its a considerable savings. I have asked the clerks and guess that is how meter mail works. Do any other department chains send packages in your towns using a meter system- its also closer to my home than the post office. Blessings and thanks John B for this great site!
8 months, 10 days ago
Note to Jody: That's a great idea! I wish that I had thought of that. I took a minute just now to do exactly as you suggested. If a bunch of us do this, maybe we can help stem the tide of declining membership. More members means more books which means more choices for all of us. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea!
Mike & Jill Bemis
8 months, 10 days ago
We lost most of our books in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since discovering BookMooch in 2009, we have rebuilt so much of our home library. A home just isn't a home without books!

Thank you and Happy, Happy Birthday, BookMooch!

8 months, 10 days ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOK MOOCH. I have received unmeasurable hours of joy reading BM'ed books. John the new dud's are awesome, and I would like to hear more of the book tree's, they are fascinating. To all of those I have sent to and received from my heartfelt thanks.
8 months, 9 days ago
Happy Birthday BM!
I absolutely love this idea of recycling books around the USA. I personally like to hold a BOOK! There's nothing like turning the pages by hand lol. I will never own a EReader. Consider me old school (46 yrs old) but I like to hold a book.
Lots of love
From Buffalo, NY
8 months, 9 days ago
It's still great after all these years thanks to John and his cohorts, well done.
8 months, 8 days ago
Paper is a winner for me too. But e-books are shared so freely by some that is what you get offered and so if reading those is what most people do it is harder to find those that want to mooch or be mooched from.

Not living in an English speaking country I have found very few books are available to me - about 2 thirds of the time when I ask to mooch, the person with the book refuses - the common reason is that THEY CAN BUY THE BOOK cheaper than the POSTAGE THEY PAY - never mind what I have to pay or that they are getting 3 points.

It is true that postage has gone up - as it costs more despite printing matter once getting a discount to encourage knowledge transfer - but so have new book prices and buying new books can cost a lot more than an Amazon discounted purchase.

I hope that Bookmooch continues to be successful. BUT as things stand there needs to be a few innovations on the site - so that it fits better with other possible websites (like a Facebook / phone app where I can mooch directly from facebook for example) OR editing - so I can write comments about the books (not just condition notes) and where I can edit the details (not have to add the book separately, when Amazon screws up the details (which it seems to do more for non English language books). These are not definitive things, but I do think us that like real books will continue to exist for a few more decades and teh site will need to alter to keep up with changes.

John has done and does sterling work, Bookmooch functions is free and I have sent and gotten many great things out of it. I just want to see it expand the services offered without having to pay for them. I do look at comparable sites like BookCrossing, Goodreads and LibraryThing and wonder about how they are successful and if we could do more partnerships or advertising by book companies like Abebooks, local book shops and local libraries for example - that must have marketing budgets and a desire to connect with the reading public like us!

markus petz
8 months, 8 days ago
Happy Birthday BM! I have really enjoyed the books I've received from generous members. Nothing takes the place of the feel of a good book in your hand! I can't imagine that paper books will ever truly disappear. Hopefully we will have at least another 8 years(and hopefully many more)of mooching books. Thanks, Jon!
Jeri D
8 months, 8 days ago

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