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multiple mooch problem

For a few hours earlier today, BookMooch had a server problem, where many pages weren't working, and mooched books weren't removed from giver's inventories.

This means that a few hundred of you likely have the same book in your inventory mooched more than once.

Please, if you have multiple mooches, go ahead and reject the later mooches, and keep (and honor) the 1st mooch you received for a book.

I'm really sorry about this! I know it makes a lot of work for everyone!

The problem (I think!) was caused by my little helper trying to be helpful and installing something w/o my asking, while I was asleep. However, everything seems ok now, except that many of you have multiple mooches.

If you're confused about what to do, or see some other sort of problem, please email support and they'll help you out.


John Buckman
11 months, 3 days ago


Holy Smokes! I thought I REALLY screwed up! Glad it wasn't me. Thanks for letting us know.
11 months, 3 days ago
I knew something was really off last night when I was trying to put a couple of books on my inventory, it wouldn't let me. Hopefully that will be fixed very soon as well, thanks, Kathy
11 months, 3 days ago
Since yesterday, I'm not receiving emails about books requested from me; perhaps the problems are related.
11 months, 3 days ago
LIke the others, thank God it wasn't me that had put the same books on twice. I had sent out several mooches this morning and then came home to find some of the same books mooched again.
I also see that I cancelled 2 mooches for books I wanted and had the acknowledgements that I had cancelled them as normal but see they are still in my pending list; will that be sorted out as well please?
Thanks for all you do,
11 months, 3 days ago
I also had a book request yesterday and did not receive an email.
Kelly Groce
11 months, 3 days ago
Is there a way to remove the duplicate copies in our inventory? I click on remove multiple copies but nothing happens. I still show 18 books when I only have 9. Thanks!
Mary Spurgeon
11 months, 3 days ago
When I click on "Mooched" it takes me to "Member Home". I must go to "History" to get to mooched books & then I have to go through all the "Given" pages to get to the recently mooched (actually all mooched). Can this be fixed?
11 months, 2 days ago
If too many points were taken from our accounts for books we mooched that day, will we get them back? Thanks!
Deborah Collins
11 months, 2 days ago
That'll teach you to take a nap, John! ;-)
Thanks for all you do for us moochers!
Judy Birch
11 months, 1 days ago
That was my first day putting books on Bookmooch - and I really thought that I had screwed up royally. I felt so bad, apologizing to people. So glad that it wasn't me!
Jacki C
11 months ago

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