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A Mystery Mystery

Hi all-especially mystery lovers. I have a mystery I'd like to solve.

Many years ago I picked up a book that I thought was by PD James. I read it and hated it so much, I've never read anything by her again.

Now, in trying to find the book, I'm beginning to wonder, if I read something by someone else. It certainly had more of the feel of a Ruth Rendell, although, with nothing else to compare it to, I don't know.

I *thought* the title was Innocent Blood. But when I read the description of the PD James book by that name, it's certainly not the book I read. Perhaps same title, different author?

As much as I can remember the plot surrounded a woman (in UK) getting out of prison after 20 years or more, and returning home. It was dark and depressing. She killed a teenage girl (or perhaps younger) that her husband had raped in their home. She did it because the girl wouldn't shut up. That's really all I remember (and more than I want to.) I think she suffocated the girl.

The story is part flashback to the crime, and part of her going home to HER daughter. I think.

Does anybody have any clue what I'm talking about?


3 years ago


What you are describing sounds like the plot of Innocent Blood. I wouldn't judge all of P.D. James by that novel, however. It is much darker than most of her work. I would try the Dalgliesh books (starting with Cover Her Face). Perhaps the finest mysteries ever written.
3 years ago

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