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Smooches received

2011/03/28 1 point back......magazines 3/2 and will ship them tomorrow morning. thanks Sandy (USA: NH)
2010/08/28 Thanks! Mary M Johnson (USA: TX)
2010/08/28 Thanks! Mary M Johnson (USA: TX)
2010/06/08 thank you so much,what a wonderful box of books and extras.i will treasure and so much look forward to using
talisa (Israel)
2009/11/27 Here's your point back! Yvonne (USA: VA)
2009/02/22 Thanks for mooching both books at once. They are small books so the cost to ship was no more than just shipping one book. Phyllis (USA: MO)
2009/01/24 Thanks for Housewrights! I thought I'd mooch it on and give you credit for sending it my way. rbtwinky (USA: CO)
2009/01/05 2 for 1 Shanna Lee (USA: OH)
2008/12/18 2 for 1 deal, thanks for the mooches!
luckylane27 (USA: CA)
2008/10/01 Surprise! anonymous
2008/09/13 Thanks for being a part of Bookmooch! anonymous
2008/07/19 anonymous
2008/07/09 Thanks for mooching 2-for-1. Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/04/25 Here's your point back on my 2-for-1 offer. I invite you to drop by the store (well, not a store really ;-)) from time-to-time, as I frequently add new books to my inventory. Take care,
Stuart (USA: CA)
2008/04/20 A nice generous person deserves a smoochie for ordering 2 magazines!


Carly S (USA: FL)
2007/09/10 Surprise!
Take a look at a video of nontraditional square dance I choreographed --- on stairs!

Plus, I have a slim copy of "More... Texture With Textiles" (fancy & unusual surface treatments for fabric - lattice piecing, etc). It's got your name on it -- just needs your address...

Paul in SF (USA: CA)