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Smooches received

2015/02/18 Thanks for the second book! :) Becky K. (USA: IL)
2015/01/26 S*HINES (USA: OH)
2015/01/26 S*HINES (USA: OH)
2015/01/26 S*HINES (USA: OH)
2015/01/26 Sorry again for the mix up! S*HINES (USA: OH)
2014/10/02 Sorry for the missing book, and thanks for your understanding! Jenny S. (USA: IL)
2013/11/02 Thank you for requesting 3 books from me! Lisa Wenner (USA: PA)
2010/09/23 Here is your point back for doing the 2 for 1 deal! Thanks again! :) Cheri (USA: MI)
2009/11/27 Hi! I'm sorry, I told you that I mailed your book out on Wed. before Thanksgiving and it was just mailed today. I'm sooo sorry!! So, I'm returning your point to you!! I hope it arrives safely!! Again I apologize!! =0} Samantha =0} (USA: AL)
2009/05/29 i gave you a smooch instead of a cancel so it does not look bad. once again im really sorry. Mike Hammond (USA: MN)
2009/04/12 again I'm very sorry! Vanessa (USA: NY)
2009/02/25 Thank you for the gift! Sonja (USA: IL)