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Smooches received

2013/08/07 When the guy marks it as received I'll smooch two more points to you. :) S*HINES (USA: OH)
2013/08/07 S*HINES (USA: OH)
2013/07/03 thanks for being an angel Cara (Canada)
2013/02/05 Thanks again for angel-requesting the book for me! michelle (Canada)
2012/02/28 Refunding a point for my 2 for 1. Thanks for the multiple mooch! Jennifer (USA: NY)
2011/12/21 Happy Holidays and thanks for all your help on the Inactives Project Cara (Canada)
2011/12/15 M Marut (USA: CA)
2011/12/15 M Marut (USA: CA)
2011/10/15 There! I did it... that wasnt so hard. darkeraven11 (USA: HI)
2011/02/02 You are SO awesome! Mags (USA: GA)
2011/01/18 Thanks for your clear-headed and helpful comment in the debate about the intl mooch ratio change. I know it isn't easy to stand against the current!

I quoted you (I hope that's ok) in today's response:


John Buckman (USA: CA)
2010/08/03 Here is your point back Bertha (USA: FL)
2008/09/27 Thanks again! anonymous